Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters and Online Giving

Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters & Online Giving

Your financial admins are ecstatic. When you walk into the office on Monday morning, you learn that your online giving program has earned you an unexpected boost in donations over the weekend. This is fantastic news! That is until you notice that all of these donations were made under suspicious-looking names like “Jane Doe” or “John Smith” — and none of them are for more than a few dollars. In short, you’ve just realized that you are the latest victim, an unwilling participant, in credit card fraud. But why would anyone come after you? Your mission is to make a positive impact, to help your members change the world. So why are you being targeted?

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“Come Away…”

Vacations are times in our lives when many memories are made. But for so many of us, vacations leave us more exhausted than before we left. Why is that?

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Seeing God in Those Around Us

God puts people into our path all the time. Maybe we need them or they need us. But we do not walk through this world alone.

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6 Ways to Post Your Homily Online

Does your parish website serve as a news resource or staff directory? Tech-savvy pastors are harnessing online tools for communication and evangelization.

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Moved by the Holy Spirit

The Gospel clearly speaks of this same reality. Jesus beckons his disciples to a life that will be richer than anything they are leaving behind.

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Where Do You Place Your Trust?

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a stewardship way of life is lack of trust. Do we believe that God will provide for our needs?

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5 Ways to Maximize Parish Summer Events

School may be out, but parish life is in! Here are a few tips to maximize summer events and build your vibrant parish.

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Renew Our Faith

The Courage to Proclaim

The hope of the Christian message — once an inspiration to the world over — is increasingly viewed with doubt and suspicion.

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Christ Calls Us to Share

Faith is a gift from God to us, just like any other. We are called to cultivate our faith and grow it into abundance. If we do not share it with others, then why grow it at all?

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Who Am I … Really?

Jesus can touch us and heal us from ourselves, but we are often our biggest enemy. He wants to heal us from our misconceptions about who we are and where we are headed.

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What It Means to be Called “Christian”

Simply put, a Christian looks like Christ. A Christian acts like Christ. A Christian truly is Christ to a world that seeks to uncover the true meaning of his name.

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5 Challenges (& Solutions) to a Vibrant Parish Office

The Church is alive and well. So, too, should be our parish offices! Read on for five challenges to a vibrant parish office and their positive solutions.

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CSR - God is Present

Lift Your Voices for Justice

As we confront the realities of suffering and exploitation that fill the news and our social feeds, we’re reminded that we must seek out God’s justice.

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