WeGather - a New Era of Parish Technology

LPi Ushers in New Era of Technology Built for the Catholic Church

LPi has launched, WeGather, a cloud-based parish community builder integrated with a robust church member management system designed to empower Catholic leaders in ministry. Designed to help parishes better communicate with their parishioners and visitors to their communities, while efficiently maintaining their parish member census data, WeGather helps parish staff and lay leaders to engage people where they are at in their relationship with the parish community, so they can better connect, grow, and disciple them beyond weekend Mass. The technology of WeGather offers parishes a way to better serve the emerging needs of the Catholic Church in the modern world.

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Called to Give

Giving of our gifts and talents in only ways we want to means that we become deaf and blind to the numerous times Jesus Christ calls us to give. We also easily avoid any form of real sacrifice, which often leads us to give only from our excess. Wisdom allows us to see where we are being called, even if we are unsure what increase will result from our investment.

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Catholic Tips for Halloween

Halloween isn’t something to avoid, but instead something to celebrate! How do you get creative in remembering the reason for the season?

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Saving the World Through the Powerless

Jesus embraced a path of powerlessness. Although he is all-powerful, he came to conquer us not by force of arms but by the power of love and forgiveness.

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What is God Asking For?

We like to do all the asking, but too often we are not very responsive when we are being asked. God doesn’t want that type of relationship.

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Top Catechist Apps & Websites

With the advancement of so many apps these days, it’s hard to know which ones to use for faith formation. Is your parish interested in incorporating technology in lessons, but not sure where to start?

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Who Am I, Lord?

Sure, we hurriedly say grace before our meals, we slide into the pew seconds before the entrance song starts, we fumble through rapid-fire rosaries, but have we really prayed?

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Love God First

The more we give of ourselves to God, the greater we’ll find our love is for our families and friends. A stewardship way of life will eventually strengthen all our relationships, for a surrender to the One who is love means an increase in the love we have to give to others.

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Faith in Family

God Is Present in Families

The way of the Gospel is the way of the family — hidden, yet faithful, building up hearts by living in community and love.

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4 Things Churches Can Learn from Good Customer Service

What if there were little ways your church could make parishioners feel listened to and valued? What if there was something you could learn from good customer service? We’ve put together four simple lessons for you and your parish staff.

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Do You Know Your Father?

Many of our sons and daughters believe in Jesus. We believe in Jesus. He knows us all better than we know ourselves. But do we truly know him?

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The Best Email Automation for Your Vibrant Parish

Diversifying your parish communication in the digital space is essential for connecting with your parishioners and expanding your mission. One easy way to do this is through email marketing.

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we are hope to others

New Hands for the Harvest

The recent weeks have been a time of shock and betrayal in the Catholic Church. Reposts, allegations, and responses have caused their fair share of whiplash among the faithful. This Sunday’s readings have some strong words for those who abuse their positions of power. It also offers hope in unlikely places.

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