WeGather - a New Era of Parish Technology

LPi Ushers in New Era of Technology Built for the Catholic Church

LPi has launched, WeGather, a cloud-based parish community builder integrated with a robust church member management system designed to empower Catholic leaders in ministry. Designed to help parishes better communicate with their parishioners and visitors to their communities, while efficiently maintaining their parish member census data, WeGather helps parish staff and lay leaders to engage people where they are at in their relationship with the parish community, so they can better connect, grow, and disciple them beyond weekend Mass. The technology of WeGather offers parishes a way to better serve the emerging needs of the Catholic Church in the modern world.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 13

Memorial of St. Lucy

Try to identify a time when you took the easy road and were not courageous. What could help you be brave the next time around?

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 12

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

If you do not already do so, begin to carry a rosary with you daily. It serves as a reminder that miracles continue to happen all around us. We are never alone.

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Rejoice Always

The Gift of Advent

We cannot remain on the surface of life. It will destroy us. We have to learn how to drink deeply of life’s wellsprings and stir up and listen to the desires God places in our hearts.

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Preparing Like a Good Steward

Advent is a time of preparation. We not only prepare for Christmas, but for the day when Jesus Christ returns again. Unfortunately, we too often act like this is the only time to prepare for such events. We should be preparing all throughout the year. 

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How to Fix Your Parish Website in 4 Easy Steps

Fact: Technology changes at a rapid pace every day. Because of this, we as a Church need to change with it if we want to continue bringing more people through our doors.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 11

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

Try to identify one person you know who needs help finding a way back to God. Make a decision to help God lead him or her home.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 10

Monday of the Second Week of Advent

Make a list of three things for which you are grateful. Spend a few minutes reflecting on each and the role each can play in bringing you joy when you are feeling down.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 09

Second Sunday of Advent

Light a candle, preferably on your Advent wreath if you have one, and reflect on what it means to have the light of Christ inside of you.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 08

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Spend time reflecting on what obstacle, large or small, has been preventing you from saying yes to God in some aspect of your life.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 07

Memorial of St. Ambrose

Set up a time to talk to someone about your need for accountability. Ask them to talk to you frankly and remind you of the importance of living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 06

Thursday of the First Week of Advent

Pray today that your parish community sees stewardship not just as a way of getting more people engaged, but as a pathway for them to grow in their love of Jesus Christ.

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Be the Light for Others

We are called to be a flame to others during this season, reminding them of why we celebrate this time at all. Each person is a candle to be lit, and you have the gifts, given to you by God, to light them.

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