Everyday Stewardship Reflections

Father Jacques Hamel, Pray for Us

The recent murder of Father Jacques Hamel is too horrible to imagine. How it happened is contained in this article from the UK’s Mirror. Let us pray for our world and ask for Fr. Hamel’s intercession, for he is a martyr who now is with God. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2473 Martyrdom is the supreme […]

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To Serve or Be Served

Let’s be real. It’s awesome to be at an all-inclusive resort, a five star hotel, or a top restaurant, and be catered to like you were royalty, people bending over backwards to make sure you are happy. No matter who you are and no matter the simplicity you have been able to create in your […]

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God’s Generosity

My father would always say to me when I was growing up, “Whatever is mine is yours.” He was always very generous toward me, and if I am being truthful, probably spoiled me. We were not a rich family by any measure, but I never really wanted for anything. If I asked, I received. In […]

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Sowing for a Full Harvest

Today’s Gospel has Jesus telling us the parable of the sower. This story has so many implications and important themes for a modern world. It would seem that too many have uncultivated hearts where the seed of the Good News falls on rocky soil and bears no growth. Also, too often we spend our lives […]

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Talking About Strengths

I am attending the Gallup Strengths Summit in Omaha for the next couple days. It is the first gathering of trained Gallup Strengths coaches, with coaches coming from all around the world. To spend time with people who have a similar passion for helping others unlock the potential of the gifts and talents that God […]

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Good Hospitality

When we realize we are going to have company, my family and I swing into motion with a frenzy. No dust shall be present for our guests. The bathrooms shall be spotless and toilets worthy of the name “throne.” We must run at top speed to the store for an endless supply of refreshments and snacks to greet […]

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You, Me, or Us?

I was reading about all the speculation occurring over Presidential running mates and a vision of a license plate entered into my mind: “God is My Co-Pilot.” I am sure you have seen these, although I have to admit they do not seem to be as prevalent today as they were twenty years ago. The […]

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Novena for Peace

A Novena for Peace

In light of the events of last week, I wanted to share with you a call by the Knights of Columbus for a novena for peace starting this Thursday. You certainly do not need to be a Knight to pray and I believe there is always great power in the combined prayer of many. The […]

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Good Samaritan Stained Glass Window

True Stewardship

What does it mean to give of yourself completely, without reservation, without fear, and without a concern for the cost? Should it matter if the person who needs us is unlike us in skin color, religion, or nationality? What does real mercy look like? Jesus answered these questions beautifully in perhaps the greatest of the […]

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