Everyday Stewardship Reflections

An Invitation from the Ultimate Host

No host has ever been more gracious than the Host of Heaven. His hope is that you will be happy to attend for your presence does make a tremendous difference. Will you RSVP with a sense of joy and anticipation?

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What True Love Looks Like

What else is there to give when one has already given away their body and their life? No one can give more. This is the true heart of Christian stewardship.

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Sad Empty Plate

Hunger for Christ

As human beings, we seem to have a wide array of insatiable desires. We look for instant gratification only to find that our hunger for whatever it is remains intact.

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He Always Provides

God always provides what we need. If we trust in God and seek to only live with what sustains us rather than dive into excess, we will find that we are happier, healthier, and at peace.

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Remembering to Rest

We fear that things will suffer without us, but the truth is that no one is benefiting from our fatigue. We can think we are giving but really we are empty. Take some time and rest in your God.

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Seeing God in Those Around Us

God puts people into our path all the time. Maybe we need them or they need us. But we do not walk through this world alone.

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Where Do You Place Your Trust?

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a stewardship way of life is lack of trust. Do we believe that God will provide for our needs?

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Christ Calls Us to Share

Faith is a gift from God to us, just like any other. We are called to cultivate our faith and grow it into abundance. If we do not share it with others, then why grow it at all?

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What It Means to be Called “Christian”

Simply put, a Christian looks like Christ. A Christian acts like Christ. A Christian truly is Christ to a world that seeks to uncover the true meaning of his name.

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Using Your Spiritual Gifts for God’s Glory

If a sower sows seeds only on rocky or weed-infested soil, nothing of great value will grow. But if that same sower plants his seeds in rich soil, then the harvest will one day be great.

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Everyday Stewardship - Moving as One

Moving As One

I have coached all three of my children in soccer. One goal was to help build an awareness of where your teammates were on the pitch, much like the goal of disciples and stewards.

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Everyday Stewardship- The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

What more can one say or do to demonstrate love for another when all they have has been given to another? This is the ultimate in love. This is the love Jesus had for us daily, in every church.

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