Change the Tide

Jealousy & Selfish Ambition: Roots of Evil

We need to replace our jealousies, unbridled passions, and selfish ambition with a pursuit of love, justice, and peace. The Christian is called to change the tide and live differently.

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6 Ideas for Back-to-School Outreach

 Whether or not your parish has a school, this is a great time of year for evangelization and stewardship. How can you think outside the box to support education and engage a new generation of disciples?

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Walk the Talk

The truth is that words are meaningless without action. Even if we think we are sincere, true faith without works is dead.

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Take Up Your Cross

Come, Follow Me

If those traveling with Jesus are to be true disciples, they will have to imitate his example: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.”

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Fostering a Giving Community

Incorporating your online giving vision into your social media presence is a surefire way to foster a reliable source of compassion, advocacy and generosity. But how do you bring your causes to the forefront without overwhelming your followers?

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Making Facebook Work for Your Church Part 3 – User Experience

Facebook attracts 2.23 billion active monthly users. While you likely don’t have the seating capacity for all of them at your church, let’s discus enhancing the experience of your average page visitor — the user experience.

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Believing Is Seeing

There are miracles every day for the world to see. Many of those come about by allowing God to work through us. Jesus said we could do these things if we had faith.

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Hope and Healing

Here Is Your God; He Comes With Vindication

No doubt, the healing of victims and the healing of our Church will likewise be a long, messy process. When it is all over, we may very well be a smaller, poorer, and weaker Church — just the kind of Church Jesus can use to evangelize the culture.

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Unfathomable Justice

For those who do not believe in Jesus, God’s framework of justice seems even difficult to comprehend. In fact, it can appear downright crazy.

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Making Facebook Work for Your Church: Part 2 — Analytics

With a little exploration, experimentation, and know-how, Facebook can be an excellent tool to engage your parishioners and communicate with those on the periphery of your congregation.

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Rise Above

Wings to Fly

Our souls have the tendency to serve themselves, rather than God. Jesus tells us that like a bird whose wings are tied, there is something within my soul that prevents it from flight. What is it?

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Holding on to Hope

Our hearts are like hope chests that long for the day when we are joined for eternity with our God. If we are gracious and generous along the way, our chest will fill with fruit to abundance.

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