come eat the living bread

The Faith of a Child

Jesus calls us to have childlike faith, fully believing that he is the Bread of Life. We’re called to live transparently a life in Christ, even if those we have looked up to do not.

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Sad Empty Plate

Hunger for Christ

As human beings, we seem to have a wide array of insatiable desires. We look for instant gratification only to find that our hunger for whatever it is remains intact.

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Family gathering

Bringing Boomers on Board

Last week, we took a look at engaging the baby boomer generation with technology. So you’ve got them engaged. Now what?

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A Longing for Fulfillment

Only God can truly provide the nourishment and fulfillment that will bring us lasting peace and joy and that will satisfy our deeply rooted needs and desires.

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He Always Provides

God always provides what we need. If we trust in God and seek to only live with what sustains us rather than dive into excess, we will find that we are happier, healthier, and at peace.

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Church Digital Outreach

Digital Outreach to Digital Immigrants

Your church’s tech adoption becomes the key to unlocking the next generation of disciples. But what if technology was for everyone?

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A Savior Rather Than a King

Earthly kings rule over lands by coercion, threatening force against all who would disobey them. Jesus, however, rules over the human heart through love.

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Remembering to Rest

We fear that things will suffer without us, but the truth is that no one is benefiting from our fatigue. We can think we are giving but really we are empty. Take some time and rest in your God.

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Top 10 Tips for Church Communication

It’s one thing to present a charming face to the community in print or online, but what do people experience when they pick up the phone to call your parish office?

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“Come Away…”

Vacations are times in our lives when many memories are made. But for so many of us, vacations leave us more exhausted than before we left. Why is that?

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Seeing God in Those Around Us

God puts people into our path all the time. Maybe we need them or they need us. But we do not walk through this world alone.

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6 Ways to Post Your Homily Online

Does your parish website serve as a news resource or staff directory? Tech-savvy pastors are harnessing online tools for communication and evangelization.

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