Rise Above

Wings to Fly

Our souls have the tendency to serve themselves, rather than God. Jesus tells us that like a bird whose wings are tied, there is something within my soul that prevents it from flight. What is it?

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Holding on to Hope

Our hearts are like hope chests that long for the day when we are joined for eternity with our God. If we are gracious and generous along the way, our chest will fill with fruit to abundance.

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LPi Opens New Print Facility in Dallas

Our continued investment in modern inkjet technologies helps us fulfill our vision of being able to effectively and efficiently serve all our customers across the entire United States. We are proud to now call Texas home.

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let it shine

Let Your Light Shine

It is our mission to equip the baptized with the tools needed to let their lights shine even brighter. Do not be discouraged, Church! Instead, shine, shine, SHINE!

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tacks in a calendar

Making Facebook Work for Your Church: Part 1 – Scheduling

Your parish’s Facebook page doesn’t need to feel like a thorn in your side. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at a few key areas of your parish’s Facebook page. First up: Scheduling!

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stay the course

Will I Stay or Go?

The world, our country, needs to hear the Gospel. Are you going to stay the course with Jesus and preach it or return home?

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7 Secrets to Highly Effective Committees

With so many parishes relying on volunteers and parishioner expertise, committees are inevitable realities. What does it take to make committees work and work well?

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Dine At the Table of Wisdom

Wisdom’s Table: Heavenly Banquet or Soundbite Drive-Thru?

Like preparing a good meal, true wisdom takes expertise and personal investment. We are invited to dine at the table of wisdom in the Eucharist and in our daily prayer. Will you take your seat at the table?

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An Invitation from the Ultimate Host

No host has ever been more gracious than the Host of Heaven. His hope is that you will be happy to attend for your presence does make a tremendous difference. Will you RSVP with a sense of joy and anticipation?

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What True Love Looks Like

What else is there to give when one has already given away their body and their life? No one can give more. This is the true heart of Christian stewardship.

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computer coffee and plant

5 Signs Your Church Website Is Ready for a Makeover

In an ever-evolving digital age, it’s important for your website to reflect your vibrant parish. How do you know when it’s time for a makeover?

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The Power of Push Notifications

If people are in your parish network, then chances are there is something they are looking for. Even if they don’t quite know what it is yet, push notifications could be the tool that helps them find it.

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