Third Friday of Advent

December 22, 2017  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

1 Samuel 1:24-28
Luke 1:46-56

I love to be around happy people. I bet you do too. Those who seemingly overflow with joy in the Lord make life seem easier and cause us to forget some of our lesser burdens.

That being said, I know too many unhappy people in this world. There are some who have lived very difficult lives, but others that just seem to not want to be happy. Some of these people may be actually depressed and in need of help, but others just seem to refuse to see the good in life.

There is a theory that by acting nice to others, we can actually help ourselves become happier. It says our happiness is not dependent on others; we can provide the path to our happiness. That path is through sharing ourselves with others.

Feeling a little gloomy this season? Ready to take matters into your own hands? Try a few random acts of kindness and see what happens. Maybe the joy you were hoping for was locked up inside of you all along.

Third Friday of Advent Challenge:

Read the words of Mary in the above Gospel three times in a row. Let the words sink into your heart. Let her Magnificat become your song of joy as well.

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