Third Saturday of Advent

December 23, 2017  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Malachi 3:1-4,23-24
Luke 1:57-66

Third Saturday of Advent: Advent Challenge Dec 23, 2017There is not much time left! Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have any last minute things to do before Monday? In the next few days, God will continue to call us in subtle and profound ways. We live within the parameters of a calendar, a season, and time. God does not. It is easy to miss the call of God at this time of year, which is really sort of crazy since this time of year is all about God.

What we have to do is really be mindful of the situations we are in and the people we encounter. Don’t let the festivities, and sometimes stress, of the season blur the reality of what is going on around us. Remember that the moments we experience these next 72 hours or so will never come again. Cherish life and those who share that life with you. Hold your loved ones closer. Truly be present to one another. Share all of yourself and leave nothing behind.

As your Everyday Stewardship Advent draws to a close, make this a time for an Everyday Stewardship Christmas. God emptied himself into human form for you and I. Let us give of ourselves completely back to God.

Third Saturday of Advent Challenge:

Spend a little time today just observing all that is around you and give thanks for all gifts, great and small.

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