To Serve or Be Served

July 25, 2016  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Called to ServeLet’s be real. It’s awesome to be at an all-inclusive resort, a five star hotel, or a top restaurant, and be catered to like you were royalty, people bending over backwards to make sure you are happy.

No matter who you are and no matter the simplicity you have been able to create in your life, being pampered is a wonderful experience.

But Jesus taught us, “Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be the servant, (Mark 10:43).”

Can you and I bring that pampering experience and service mentality into our daily lives when interacting with others? Imagine a world where everyone desired to serve one another with the same vigor of those in a great hotel.

Imagine politicians that truly sought to be servants. Imagine a world where neighbors were always genuinely concerned about the needs of those who lived around them.

We are called to this stewardship way of life because we truly are our brother and sister’s keeper. We have been given gifts by God to enrich the lives of those around us for His greater glory. If we seek to transform our world into the one we are imagining, we must begin somewhere. We must begin with ourselves. The world will be transformed, one servant at a time.

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