How to publish your Google calendar to your WeConnect Site

March 28, 2016  •   LPi

Go to Google Calendar and get the Calendar information to import to WeConnect.

  1. Click on the dropdown next to the calendar you want to post to your site and select Calendar SettingsWC2016_googleCal-1
  1. You will see a section that will say embed this calendar. There is a box of code to the right of the calendar icon. Select all the code in the box and then copy the code so you can paste it in WeConnect.WC2016_googleCal-2
  1. Go to your WeConnect dashboard and navigate to the page where you want to embed your Google Calendar.
  2. In the page editor click on the WC2016_googleCal-5 icon to bring up the Inset Widget menu and select Google Calendar.
  3. Then then paste the code you copied from google buy using Ctrl+V on your keyboard in the open box. You will need to highlight and remove the word calendar right before the .google and replace it with a www so it will look like the 2nd

Highlight the word calendar




Replace Calendar with www


Then click Insert to create the calendar and then click the Save Changes button to save the calendar to the page.