The Everyday Stewardship Vision

As the baptized, we are called to grow in our faith to a point where we respond to the call of Jesus Christ regardless of the cost. This leads us to an everyday way of living, not just a series of activities or good deeds. When we find ourselves truly living a stewardship way of life, we realize that we have transformed, to aid in transforming our parishes and then the world around us.

Grow Parish Engagement

LPi offers a wide variety of coaching and consultative services to help your parish grow in mature discipleship and a stewardship way of life. Stewardship catechesis, strengths coaching for both leadership bodies or individuals, or processes geared toward creating a greater unity in parish collaboratives are all ways that LPi can partner with you to help make your communities clearer reflections of the Kingdom of God.

Building Stewardship in Your Parish

A typical path to success in this area often begins with a stewardship day event for all the leaders and primary stakeholders in your community. Next, we assist you in forming small reflection groups, journeying together and focused on the key characteristics of a good everyday steward. Finally, a parish mission for the entire community over several days will help solidify the concepts and principals already introduced.

6 Characteristics of an Everyday Steward


Lives in the present, without the baggage of the past, and without fear of the future.


Sees entire day as an opportunity to be in the presence of God.


Gives thanks for all of God’s blessings, especially the little everyday ones.


Receives all of God’s creation in a welcoming and hospitable manner.


Perseveres daily in a way of life acknowledging everything belongs to God.


Understands the value of parish community and the role it plays.

Stewardship, Strengths & Engagement Coaching

Stewardship Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Invite Tracy Earl Welliver to speak at your parish or diocese. You can choose topics in engagement, strengths and talents, communication, and Everyday Stewardship.

Parish Missions

Parish Missions

Inspire your parishioners with Tracy Earl Welliver speaking at all weekend Masses and leading five additional talks over 2–3 days.

Stewardship Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching

Uncover your God-given talents and work to cultivate them into strengths for God’s glory with a Gallup© trained & certified strengths coach during a day or weekend retreat, or individual parish leaders coaching.

Training for Catechist

Planning and Assessment

Let LPi work with you on a vision or use our assessment tools to uncover what is going on in the community.

Parish Staff Coaching

Parish Staff Coaching

Use the StrengthsFinder© assessment and solid pastoral ministry principles to help your staff and leadership team learn to work together for the greater good of the parish community.

Exclusive Stewardship Tools

Exclusive Stewardship Tools

Whether it be low-cost but high-value books for your parishioners or prayer cards and posters that make an important statement about a mature stewardship way of life, we have tools for you to use to help build greater engagement and inspire people to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. We are working on new materials all the time, so check back with us from time to time to see what’s new!



How to Explain Living as an Everyday Steward in a Nutshell

How to Explain Living as an Everyday Steward in a Nutshell

What does it mean to be an Everyday Steward? As disciples of Jesus, we are called to use our God-given talents and gifts to make the Body of Christ strong and to change the world. This document outlines the simple stewardship concepts, processes, and principles that can be seeds for tremendous growth.

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How to Find Great Stewardship & Engagement Resources

How to Find Great Stewardship & Engagement Resources

This list of recommended stewardship and engagement resources from Tracy Earl Welliver will help guide your parish’s stewardship fundamentals, spirituality, communications, and catechesis as well as engagement and community development.

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How to Create a Culture of Stewardship for Students

How to Create a Culture of Stewardship for Students

Use your intellect wisely … don’t waste the gift of time … embrace your life as a student … stay committed. These are just a few of Tracy Earl Welliver’s 10 Points on Good Stewardship for Students that makes the life of an Everyday Steward attainable for children — and plants the seed for lifelong stewardship.

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Tracy Earl Welliver

Director of Parish Community & Engagement for LPi

Stewardship: Tracy Earl Welliver

Tracy oversees LPi’s stewardship coaching and catechesis in parishes and dioceses worldwide. He holds a BA in theology from DeSales University, an MTS from Duke Divinity School, and has experience as a Catholic speaker, author, engagement coach, and Gallup-trained strengths coach. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for the International Catholic Stewardship Council, a body that awarded St. Pius X Catholic Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, the parish where Tracy served as Pastoral Associate for twenty-two years, the Archbishop Murphy Award for stewardship excellence.


Just had to take this opportunity to tell you Thank You! I ordered several copies of Everyday Stewardship last year. It is a refreshing and beautiful way to witness the many opportunities to put Discipleship in Action! We are using this book to help form our community in the Spirituality of Stewardship including our professional staff, Stewardship Council, and I just gave 48 copies to our individual Ministry Leads this past summer while meeting one-on-one with them during a Year-End Recap meeting with our Pastor. We asked them to be creative and use it as a resource to help form individual ministry members. Just wanted you to know of the value and emphasis we are placing on this beautiful resource! Thanks for allowing Him to work through you to impact the spiritual journey of so many Disciples.

Kathleen Whalen Director of Ministry, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

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