4 Ways to Revitalize Online Giving for Lent

February 15, 2018  •   LPi


Lent is the perfect time to revitalize your online giving program as your parish enters into an intentional time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. The mood shifts, church decorations change, parish events increase, and discipleship is on people’s minds. As parishioners consider ways to give sacrificially during Lent, here are four ways to engage your church and utilize your online giving program for the season.

Customize and Refresh Your Collections & Events
  • Add new, engaging images and descriptions to your online giving collections.
  • Create additional collections like funding Easter flowers, the Living Stations play, or a special speaker for your Lenten parish mission
  • If Lenten events require tickets or have limit seating, use WeShare to manage attendees
Promote the Benefits of Online Giving Everywhere
  • Hang up posters in high traffic areas of your parish that describe the benefits of online giving and give direction on how to participate
  • Include a bulletin insert during Holy Week Masses to encourage visitors to give to the church.
  • Feature online giving prominently on your website home page to take advantage of higher than usual website traffic during Lent.
almsgivingPromote Your Collections
  •  Ask your pastor to make an announcement during each Sunday of Lent describing specific collections and why almsgiving is an important part of Lenten practice
  • Promote a new collection in your church bulletin every week.
  • Share links to your collections on Facebook and ask parishioners to share
Promote Your Events
  • Mention special events in your bulletin every week during Lent.
  • Feature events on your website and include steps that walk through how people can register online
  • Share links to your events on Facebook and ask parishioners to sign up

Online giving offers a convenient way for parishioners to participate in Lenten almsgiving. How are you offering them the opportunity?

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