5 Examples of Photos Every Parish Needs

October 13, 2022  •   LPi


Recently, we shared a blog post called A Layperson’s Guide to Smartphone Church Photography. In that blog we mentioned five essential photo subjects that all parishes should strive to have for use on their website and social media accounts. This blog expands upon those photo ideas with examples from our own LPi stock photography collection to help you envision how to cover this subject matter at your own church.

When taking your photographs, regardless of what equipment you are using, make sure to take a variety of wide-angle shots as well as close-ups. Shoot some in a vertical format as well as some horizontally so that you have a variety of formats to choose from when you decide to use these online or in print! Take some during special church occasions as well as during Ordinary Time. Try to cover all of the liturgical seasons evenly. If you do this focusing on these five topics, you will find yourself with a robust library of church photographs for use in your church media!

Photo 1: Families Gathering as Mass is Letting Out
Be sure to capture families with a variety of people of different ages!


Photo 2: Your Pastor Greeting Parishioners
You may consider running these by your pastor before using them so that he can approve the images of him you plan to use before they go on the website for all of the public to see.


Photo 3: A Well-Attended Mass Inside Your Sanctuary
Don’t forget to tell your parishioners ahead of time that you are planning on photographing a specific Mass time(s) that month so that people can come prepared.


Photo 4: at Their First Sacraments
In fact, all Sacraments make for great photo opportunities to showcase your amazing community! Consider Marriages, Confirmations, First Communions, Baptisms, and the special Masses for each. Don’t forget to get photo releases from parents if you are planning on using any photos captured of children in your congregation.


Photo 5: Parishioners Participating in Parish Events
We’ve already got Sacrament down so let’s see those photos from the unique events your parish has. Picnics, youth groups, anniversaries, speaker series, Bible studies, service projects, concerts — whatever events you are proud of!


Are you proud of your parish’s photo library? If so, tag us in a post you make on Facebook using some of your favorite parish photographs so that we can see them! We love getting inspiration from you!


If you are already a subscriber to WeCreate, or if LPi prints your bulletin, click here to view or even download and use the stock photography we collected for this blog and more!


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