The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Committed

March 27, 2020  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Two men playing basketball I remember Jim Valvano, Jimmy V to many, saying the iconic words, “Don’t give up; you can never give up.” The former coach of the NC State men’s basketball team was dying of cancer, yet he refused to throw in the towel and give in to his disease. His words exemplified the best of the human spirit we all share. Sometimes, living out those words seem much more difficult than saying them. These words are also important for our faith life. The life Jesus calls us to is not easy. When working toward a life of greater generosity and surrender of all to God, we are prone to fall flat on our face many times. We are not called to this life only when we are strong. It is how we respond when times are the most difficult that truly defines us as disciples and stewards. The world may think we are down for the count, but rising again gives testimony that in Christ we are stronger. Commitment takes a willingness to do the things needed to get stronger and build our spiritual muscles. We cannot expect to find success in the spiritual life unless we continue to work on our resolve and grow in our knowledge of the faith. A marathon runner would never be able to make it to the finish line unless they have trained and prepared in advance. We must work hard to stay the course and prepare for the race at hand. No matter what this life may have in store for us, we are called to not give up. God will never give up on us.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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