A Fresh New Logo Can Reenergize All Your Communications

July 5, 2016  •  

St. Matthias Catholic Church has a vibrant church and school community filled with young families with children. The parish originally came to us looking for help updating its logo. So we began by talking about ways to better communicate the vitality of parish life through its logo.

Mike Angeli, the Business Manager, was looking for a new logo that would be embraced by both the parish and school community. The existing parish logo was red and black with black being the dominant color. St. Matthias’ school colors are red and gold with a red bulldog operating as its mascot. As we talked more, it became clear that red should be the primary color used in the parish rebranding. Red was used in the current logo to symbolize the blood of Christ. Finally, the new design needed to showcase the parish’s great tagline “Faith First.”

St. Matthias Logos

What’s the verdict on the new design? Wow, what a difference! Best of all, by refreshing their logo, they can now update all of their parish communications.

Updated Parish Communications
    1. Bulletin Cover – Redesigned header features the new logo with two new design elements, an image of their beautiful stained glass window and the red and gold banner that anchors the bottom of the page. You see these new elements repeated throughout the parish’s communication channels.

      St. Matthias Bulletin Cover

    2. Letterhead – In addition to the new logo, the red and gold banner was added to the bottom of the letterhead template to strengthen their new branding.

      St. Matthias Letterhewidth=

    3. Business Cards – One of our favorite updates was to their business cards. We added the red and gold border to the right side of the card to tie them to all of the other communications.

      St. Matthias Business Card

    4. Welcome Packet – We recommend that every parish have a Welcome Packet for visitors and new members. We were happy to learn that St. Matthias already had one. We updated their cover with our new design elements.

    5. Website – The only change made to their website homepage was to add the new, more colorful logo yet it made a world of difference. Take notice of their updated Festival Logo too.

      St. Matthias Website

    6. Facebook – Finally, the parish wisely carried through the new logo to all its social media channels.

      St. Matthias Facebook

    7. Online Giving & Event Management – St. Matthias even branded its parishioners’ experience in WeShare, its online giving and event management tool. So now anytime a parishioner donates, registers, or pays for a church event, the parish builds awareness of its brand identity.

      St. Matthias WeShare Online Giving


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