Breaking the Stewardship Mold

September 24, 2021  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

people in line at a food pantry

Have you noticed how we always tend to pigeonhole one another — and ourselves? “I could never serve on the Parish Council. That’s for Rick and Ellen and that whole group of people who have done it for years.” “Greg takes care of faith formation in the parish — he always has. He doesn’t need my help.” “I can’t afford to give the big bucks like those families who sit up front can. My offering wouldn’t matter even if I did increase it.”

Thinking like this is a good indication that we aren’t in conversation with God about what His will is for our lives. If we have already decided what we are and are not meant to do, we aren’t likely to pray over it, to discern it.

We have to be open to the spirit of the Lord wherever it leads us, regardless of what we or others have come to expect from us. We human beings come to believe that we are such good judges of what others can offer — or what we ourselves can offer. But God has plans for us to which we aren’t privy. God calls everyone to serve Him in the way that pleases Him best, and only He can decide what that is. Everyday Stewardship demands a continual accounting of who we can be, what we can offer — even if it’s outside our comfort zone, even if it’s something that never occurred to us before.

There’s only one Person who can tell us what God wants from us. Do we even think to ask Him?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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