We Are Called to Be Saints

November 15, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Hands huddled together in teamwork

Catholics often are drawn to saints due to their profession, hobbies, or ethnic background. One’s patron saint serves as an example of how to live a life of holiness and service to God. We hold up the saints of the Church in high regard. However, we can sometimes make the mistake of seeing them as the subject of stories in print and not real living people. We can assume that their level of devotion and holiness is unattainable. In fact, we are all called to be saints.

Our world needs more living saints living out their stewardship in a radical manner. Stories are valuable, but when others get to see disciples of Jesus Christ answering their call in person, consider the impact. There is a reason why lay witnessing is so important in cultivating a stewardship culture in a parish community. The people we can see and hear are alive right in front of us. Some will say that to truly be humble means to act anonymously, but we are not speaking here of actions that call out, “Look at me!” We are talking about acting in a way that people see not you and me, but Jesus instead.

We are to be models and examples to one another. We are to build up one another and make the Body of Christ strong. Don’t sit back wishing you had the strength to be a saint. You have already been given the gifts needed to be the saint you are called to be. Maybe people will read about you later, but the Church needs you now!

—Tracy Earl Welliver

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