Catholic Tech Talk

The Power of Push Notifications

If people are in your parish network, then chances are there is something they are looking for. Even if they don’t quite know what it is yet, push notifications could be the tool that helps them find it.

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WeGather - a New Era of Parish Technology

LPi Ushers in New Era of Technology Built for the Catholic Church

LPi has launched, WeGather, a cloud-based parish community builder integrated with a robust church member management system designed to empower Catholic leaders in ministry.

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Family gathering

Bringing Boomers on Board

Last week, we took a look at engaging the baby boomer generation with technology. So you’ve got them engaged. Now what?

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Top 10 Tips for Church Communication

It’s one thing to present a charming face to the community in print or online, but what do people experience when they pick up the phone to call your parish office?

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6 Ways to Post Your Homily Online

Does your parish website serve as a news resource or staff directory? Tech-savvy pastors are harnessing online tools for communication and evangelization.

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Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters and Online Giving

Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters & Online Giving

Fraudsters are cyber criminals who focus their energy on credit card and identity theft. They gather a list of stolen card numbers then test them out on low-risk, easy to use platforms. Here’s what we’re doing to stop them.

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Should Your Parish Use Instagram?

There are 168 hours in a week. Your parish knows that less than one percent of that time is spent in the church. How can online communication and social media engage even further?

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4 Tips for a Smart Summer

This time of year, your staff takes vacations, and the parish office might close early on Fridays. With summer right around the corner, how can your parish make the most of it?

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Spreading the Good News on World Communications Day

The paper shows up on your doorstep. Your cell phone buzzes. A week’s worth of groceries is delivered. Communication technology is constantly evolving. Is your church keeping up?

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Online Communications for Divine Communication

May 3rd is National Day of Prayer! The country’s attention turns to the heavens, with prayer front and center. As a church, you plan to keep that focus long after this day is over.

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4 Reasons to Revisit a Parish App

Diversity. Mobility. Accessibility. For parishioners on the go, having access to information at their fingertips is a necessity.

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Creating a Church Social Media Policy

As your church delves further into social media, the question of policies will inevitably surface. If your church does not yet have a social media policy, now is the time to write one! So why do you need one, how do you start, and how do you use it prudently?

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