Everyday Stewardship Reflections

Homeless person asleep on bench

Called to Compassion

How many of us pass by homeless people and pretend they are not even there. We don’t have money in our pocket, we don’t have food to give, and we don’t have material items that they need, so we offer them nothing. We don’t even offer ourselves.

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Football players huddled on grassy field

What’s Most Important?

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that, at times, we are merely lukewarm fans of Jesus and not disciples. If we truly have matured in our faith and strengthened our relationship with him, then real commitment comes easier.

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Woman traveler looking at foreign cityscape

Patience in All Things

You’re trying to live a stewardship way of life but keep falling onto the side of the road? God wants you to reach Him on the road but will wait for you. You want to be holier and more committed to your faith? God will take what you give Him.

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Two pairs of hands holding paper heart together

Reach Out in Love

Our generosity and our giving of very selves back to God need to bear witness to the transforming power of Jesus. If we truly love another, we will offer them the example of how we love God even more than them. This is the “why” of our stewardship.

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Little girl offering apple to little boy

Give Graciously

I love the verse in Sirach where it says, “My child, conduct your affairs with humility, and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts.” This is an interesting concept for those of us who think a stewardship way of life is all about the giving of gifts. When we start to think that all we are called to do is give for the sake of giving, we have missed the point.

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Woman praying on Bible in prairie

Get to Know Jesus

However, no matter how much I write about my family and how much you read about them, you will only have a glimpse as to the real people. It will take an actual relationship with one of them to get you to the point where you can say you know them. That is the same way with Jesus.

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Cheering crowd at sporting event

Set the Earth on Fire

If we are to be like Jesus, then we need to set the earth on fire. We need to be bold and proclaim the Good News without apology. By our actions of love and justice, we need to show the world that with the Body of Christ on earth, it is not business as usual.

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Hand knocking on door

Plan Wisely

We spend much time putting off things until later. Then when something unexpected happens, we swing into action to deal with it or prepare for its effects. We would have acted differently if we knew what was coming down the road.

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Man and woman unpacking boxes

God Gives Us What We Need

A few months back, my wife and I helped move my oldest son into his first real apartment. He was moving to start his first real job and was excited and cautious at the same time. Moving him in reminded me of when his mother and I were first starting out.

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Wooden sign pointing in opposite directions

Where Does Your Trust Lie?

We all are faced with decisions in life where we are met with uncertainty or fear. Often, our stewardship is limited by our inability to trust fully in God. If you find yourself unable to face the future or to make the big decisions in life, where does your trust lie?

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Father reading with daughter in grass

Faith is a “Constant” Gift

What really matters to you? What’s the main thing in your life? I have witnessed once-strong disciples place politics, wealth, career, and family ahead of Jesus over time. All those things are enticing, but they are things that change. The one thing that does not change is God.

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Alarm clock in grass with dandelion

Time is a Gift

Some of us are thinking about taking a stewardship way of life seriously, but we are just not ready yet. But the truth is, we don’t have to be in any particular state of life or have a specific financial portfolio to start giving ourselves to God – he takes us as we are now.

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