Everyday Stewardship Reflections


Everyday Stewardship: My Children Need Jesus

I cannot offer much to calm the fears of my children other than give them love. However, I can lead them to the one who has the power to truly defeat anything or anyone that seeks to harm them. His name is Jesus. Click here to read the full post

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World Smile Day is Coming!

World Smile Day is coming up in a few weeks, a day dedicated to doing random acts of kindness for the people we encounter in our daily lives. Of course we should embrace that effort throughout the year, but if we can get people, religious and non-religious, to do more good for even one day, it’s […]

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The Mind

Stewardship of the Mind

We have been given our mind and intellect as gifts from God. As good stewards we are called to cultivate knowledge and develop our reasoning skills and offer them back to God and to the Body of Christ. Click here to read the full post

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Pope Francis

Let Mercy Flow Throughout the Land

As good stewards we must consider how we will not only seek mercy for ourselves in this extraordinary time, but also how we will be instruments of mercy to those around us. Who is in need of your forgiveness? Who needs to hear you speak about God’s mercy for them? Click here to read the full […]

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No silver bullet

There Is No Silver Bullet

Some feel like if they only had this or that, won the lottery, or got rid of something else they would be complete, or at least better off than they are now. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for becoming successful or happy. It’s a choice to be the best and do the most with what we […]

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Everyday Stewardship: Answering the Question of “Why?”

Stewardship must never be reduced to simply ministry fairs, commitment cards, and stewardship directories. These tools teach us how to practice our stewardship, but they are not stewardship in of themselves.So why do we share our time, talent, and treasure? What does it matter? Click here to read the full post

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Back to School

Good School Stewardship

Kids are headed back to school but are they being good stewards while they’re there? Here are ten important lessons for Christian parents to instill in their children to ensure this school year is lived for the glory of God. Click here to read the full post

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Like a Precious Stone

Just because the institution of marriage in our modern society has changed so radically doesn’t mean that the reality of marriage and the truth of the Scriptural image has changed. When we look at our spouses, we need to see the beauty of covenant and the splendor of God. Click here to read the full post

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Paying Attention

The more we look the more we see; the more we practice the discipline of gratitude, the more things we realize the graciousness of God and how much there is to be grateful for. Click here to read the full post

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Don't Quit

Everyday Stewardship: Don’t Quit

Stewardship calls for us to become mature disciples that respond to Christ’s call, regardless of the cost. If we are going to take this commitment seriously, we have to work hard on becoming what we are called to. Click here to read the full post  

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Buddy Christ

Is Christ Cool?

Good stewards strive to maintain a balanced life by not overindulging in personal wealth or material goods but by sharing their blessings with others. We value life at all stages and give credit to the creator in which we share by giving life to others. We strive to make this a better world by storing […]

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Then Come, Follow me

When we contemplate stewardship at it’s most basic level, we see it is about to whom do we belong. A person cannot serve two masters. A good steward sees that not only does all he has been given belong to God, he himself belongs to his Creator. Click here to read the full post

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