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10 Points on Good Stewardship

10 Points on Good Stewardship for Students

The stewardship way of life is for everyone, even those who are young. As students go back to school as another summer has passed, it is a great time to reflect on how a student is called to live out his or her stewardship. Here are 10 things to focus on as the academic year […]

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10 Must Haves for Your Parish Website

  An important tool for effectively communicating the vibrancy of your parish A parish website is not a plot of land on the Internet, a billboard, or directory listing of events. A parish website is a destination for seekers to learn more about Jesus Christ and parishioners’ window into their world of faith. If your […]

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Stewards of Our Strengths at the 54th Annual ICSC Conference

When my parish first began its stewardship journey, it was not uncommon to have conversations that began like this: “I understand the need to be a good steward of my time. Each of us only has so many hours in a day, and we never know when our life will end. I ‘get’ that we […]

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Create a More Welcoming Parish

5 Ways to Create a More Welcoming Parish

  My wife and I have an area of our church where we like to sit with our two boys. We are not the people who have our “pew” but do have our section. Sound familiar? For the past few months, our pastor’s homilies have centered on the theme of welcoming. One that stuck with […]

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St. Matthias Logos

A Fresh New Logo Can Reenergize All Your Communications

St. Matthias Catholic Church has a vibrant church and school community filled with young families with children. The parish originally came to us looking for help updating its logo. So we began by talking about ways to better communicate the vitality of parish life through its logo.

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Making Second Collections Easier

Sometimes it’s the Diocese. Sometimes it’s a mission parish that you support in another country. Sometimes it’s a local ministry. Whatever the cause happens to be, Catholic churches have a variety of second collections where the basket comes around again. And your parishioners often need to write two checks and bring two envelopes that week. […]

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Three Reasons Every Parish Needs to Be On Facebook

Create a Dynamic Parish Facebook Page…in Just Ten Minutes a Day

St. Paul the Apostle spent a lot of time in town squares, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ wherever he went. He spoke of becoming all things to all people, in order to win some to the cause of Christ. And as Catholics we are each called to do the same. Imagine if you […]

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Churches on Facebook Logo

Three Reasons Every Parish Needs to Be on Facebook

Facebook allows you to engage your parishioners every single day The Mass is the center of all things for the Church, bringing the sacrifice and love of Christ into the present moment. This is a message that can be (and should be) echoed throughout the rest of the week using your Facebook page. Facebook allows […]

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Stewards Among Us

Inspiring Discipleship One Story at a Time Take a moment to think back to the days when you weren’t so engaged in parish life. Remember how it felt to show up for Sunday Mass without knowing a soul or feeling any connection to your parish? Now recall the specific instance when you were invited to […]

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Video Ideas for Your Parish Website

  More and more parishes are starting to incorporate video on their website as a way to demonstrate what the church has to offer and to invite more people into the doors on Sunday. There’s a lot of talk about the need for the Catholic Church to be “more engaging,” but we can’t engage people until they meet […]

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5 Tips for Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to start fresh after months of cold weather and short days. And with spring comes the annual ritual of spring-cleaning our homes from top to bottom in order to start anew. But while we spend so many tireless hours making sure our physical homes are in order, what are we doing […]

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Use Color to Organize Content & Engage More Readers

 Meet St. Bernard Parish in Wauwatosa, WI. Over the last year we worked with its business manager to rebrand the parish, creating a new logo,website, and Facebook banner. So now it is time to redesign the bulletin. So now it is time to redesign the bulletin. Chris Meyer became the business manager at St. Bernard’s just […]

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