Vibrant Parish Toolkit

Donations represented as blooming plant atop coins

How to Grow Your Recurring Giving

Recurring giving is a great way to ensure that your church ministries will be funded. But according to statistics, only a small percentage actually make the commitment to have their gifts automatically deducted. Here are a few ways to encourage parishioners to becoming regular donors.

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Alphabet letters scattered on table

Naming Your Parish Ministries

If you decide to get creative with ministry names, make it easy for a new or prospective parishioner to understand who the group is for and what it does. The best options will be ones that show purpose without much explanation.

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Illustration of videos, content and photos within a blog

6 Ways to Build a Healthy Church Blog

Just like the church bulletin is a great source of information on your way out of Mass, a blog does that and more. It offers readers a quick hit of faith and the chance to easily engage through the parish’s website and social media channels. Here’s how to get started.

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Volunteers sorting donations

Why Your Parish Needs a Volunteer Onboarding Process

While it’s essential that people offer their time and talent to your parish, it’s equally important that they do so in the correct way — you need a volunteer onboarding. Read on for tips to consider the next time you have someone giving their time and talent to your parish.

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Compilation of messy notes on marketing strategy

Marketing Your Church Is Not a Sin — Here’s Why

While it may seem superficial to spend time thinking of, planning, and implementing marketing strategies for your parish, it’s actually one of the most important things you can do to bring people through your parish doors — here’s why.

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How to Use Smart Goals to Grow Your Church

The goal of any parish is to spread the Good News of Jesus to as many as possible — easier said than done, right? Every parish should take the time to set goals in order to grow their faith community. To have a goal, you need a plan to reach it. Enter the SMART Goal.

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Welcome event filled with food and people

Building Belonging: Hosting a New Parishioner Welcome Event

A parish isn’t an institution, it’s a community! When new arrivals move from visitor to parishioner, there’s cause for celebration. Hosting a new parishioner welcome event is a great way to show them they belong in your community. Read on to discover tips to planning one.

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Faith and Fun in the Park

Helping Parishioners Take the Next Step

Sundays have changed a lot in culture over the years. What once was a sacred day for faith and family, a day that nourished and refreshed for the days ahead, has become like every other day of the week. For those who do show up to Mass on Sundays, all too often it’s one and done. We are not a Sunday-only Church! We’ve compiled a few essential ways to help your parishioners re-integrate faith and life. 

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Sand Castle

Engagement Strategies For Your Church In Summer

As a church, it’s our responsibility to remind our parishioners that summer shouldn’t just be about recharging our bodies, but it should also (and most importantly!) be about focusing on our spiritual life. Just as parish office hours may need to be adjusted during summer months, so, too, might the requirements of the faithful need some adjusting.

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5 Ways to Avoid Ministry Burnout

In some ways, it’s an elephant in the room. We may wish that every parish job and every church culture was perfectly attuned for human flourishing — both our own and those of our fellow parishioners. Sometimes, however, creating environments for other people’s flourishing means we neglect our own.

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4 Reasons Why Your Parish Needs a Welcome Packet

We all want answers as to why we are here and what we were made for. We need to know that we matter and that our talents can be put to good use. That is why it is so essential to set the tone when someone makes the leap into your parish community. And a great way to do this is with a welcome packet!

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Keep Volunteering Fresh

Cultivating a community of generosity is essential to a vibrant parish. Sometimes it’s difficult to get volunteers in the door and to keep them committed. Finding yourself with a volunteer shortage? Here are top to bottom tips for refreshing your volunteer process.

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