Vibrant Parish Toolkit

Invest in Children’s Ministry for a Healthy Parish

It takes volunteer efforts, time, and money to create a successful children’s ministry program. But it’s an investment that can lead to a richer faith life for children. If your parish is looking into implementing one, here’s what you need to consider.

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How To Know When It’s Time To ReBrand Your Parish

Is your website responsive? Is your logo up to date with today’s trends? When was the last time you looked at updating your weekly bulletin? Here are a few things to look at when deciding whether it’s time to rebrand your parish.

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4 Ways to Keep Parishioners Engaged During the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus in full swing, how can we find ways to spiritually support and engage our congregations during this time of fear and uncertainty? Following are four ways to support your parishioners whether they’re in the pews or not.

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The Intricate Relationship Between Donor & Receiver

Parishes need donors to sustain their ministries — but what’s in it for the person giving the money? Here are some reasons why parishioners and visitors give to a parish and ways that we can take their giving to the next level.

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The Incredible Benefits of Parish Volunteers

With pastors responsible for multiple parishes, parish staff tasked with many congregations, and everyone doing more with less, volunteers are an essential part of the church. All you need is a little recruitment, an examining of their gifts, and a way to keep it all on track.

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Preaching for the Next Generation

Writing homilies is often one of a priest’s biggest challenges — particularly as he considers preaching to the younger generations. So how can priests tailor their homilies to be more engaging, especially for the younger generation? See some tips below.

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5 Top Lent Ideas for your Parish

It’s already time to start thinking of ways to help your parishioners get the most out of it this coming Lent. From online reflection programs to reminders on your social media feeds, here are five ways to help your members navigate to a better relationship with Christ in 2020.

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Lit candle to welcome visitors

How to Welcome the Stranger This Advent

In order to capture the people who come through our doors this Christmas, we all need to work together, from staff to parishioners, to create a welcoming environment. Here are five ways your faith community can “welcome the stranger” this Advent season.

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Desk scattered with branding strategy notes

Little Ways to Brand Your Parish

When it comes to branding your parish, you have the usual suspects — a logo, a sign, and a website to match. But aside from that, there are still many, many ways you can brand your parish for a total cohesive look both inside and out.

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Father and son in Mass

How Church Connection Cards Can Help Grow Your Parish

No doubt, your parish welcomes a variety of visitors each week. And while you can’t always spend a great amount of time introducing yourself and asking where they’re from, it’s essential to somehow capture their information. Church connection cards can help.

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Hands holding out small knit heart

How to Plan for a Successful GivingTuesday Campaign

Although GivingTuesday is nearly two months away, it’s time to start planning for ways in which to take advantage of this global giving campaign for your parish. From free resources such as flyer templates, customizable email copy, and social media images, there are many ways you can customize this international campaign to your parish.

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