Vibrant Parish Toolkit

praying at night

Have Your Parishioners Had That Late-Night Conversation With Christ?

That soul-bearing, total understanding, “heart filled with joy because someone gets me” kind of conversation with someone who sees you as just a little bit remarkable and your journey as just a little bit special — it’s the way that Christ sees us.

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tagline sign

Why You Should Write a Parish Tagline (& How to Do It)

Taglines are memorable phrases that represent who you are and what you stand for. At their heart, your parish “stands for” Christ and the Catholic Church. Yet each parish has its own character, shaped by the neighborhoods and demographics they serve.

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It’s Ok To Ask Parishioners For Money – Here’s How

Yes, we get it. It can be hard to ask people for money, but it’s a vital part of ministry. Read on for ways you can encourage your parish members to give their fair share by appealing to their emotional side. Your members aren’t mind readers; they need a reminder — a gentle push.

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Top 4 Lent Ideas For Your Parish

Sometimes, it feels like Advent has only just ended before Lent rolls around. This is another time in our liturgical calendar when parishioners begin to look to parish leaders for guidance, inspiration, and compassion to help them navigate. Is your parish ready to meet their needs?

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How to Engage Millennials in the Life of Your Parish

The millennial generation is hungry for meaning, purpose, and authenticity — especially when it comes to their faith. They are used to seeking out opportunities to challenge their lives and, as such, look at the Sunday Mass experience through the same lens.

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Four Ways to Turn Visitors into Members

People look for parishes that feed them spiritually — inspiring homilies with practical applications, music that speaks to the heart, and a strong connection to the sacraments, especially that of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. What impression will a visitor have of your parish?

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Five Ways to Encourage Young Families in the Faith

You see them at your parish every Sunday: young parents struggling to teach the faith to their children. They’re here. They’re trying, but they need our help.

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Celebrating the True Meaning of Christmas

From the wooden figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lovingly crafted and farm animals displayed around the manger to the Wise Men who make their appearance in January, it all connects. Their Christmas story should be our Christmas story — a story of saying yes to God.

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Giving Thanks All Year Long

Thanksgiving may come just one day in 365, but the habit of gratitude can last all year! How does your vibrant parish foster thankfulness?

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Why Your Staff Should Share Calendars

As your staff members plan their days and track their time, having work-related data accessible in a shared calendar can be helpful. Going digital means you’re not limited to someone’s in-office presence to know their schedule.

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Using Giving Tuesday to Jump-Start Parish Giving

Think of Giving Tuesday as a way to jump-start the “spirit of stewardship” at your parish. Most parishioners know the importance of tithing but not all of them are aware of the many ways in which to do so.

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The Importance of Staff Retreats

It’s so important for parish staff as a whole to get away from the many tasks that come from running a faith community. That is why a parish retreat is so vital to the well-being of your staff — mind, body, and soul.

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