Vibrant Parish Toolkit

Catholic Tips for Halloween

Halloween isn’t something to avoid, but instead something to celebrate! How do you get creative in remembering the reason for the season?

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6 Ideas for Back-to-School Outreach

 Whether or not your parish has a school, this is a great time of year for evangelization and stewardship. How can you think outside the box to support education and engage a new generation of disciples?

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Fostering a Giving Community

Incorporating your online giving vision into your social media presence is a surefire way to foster a reliable source of compassion, advocacy and generosity. But how do you bring your causes to the forefront without overwhelming your followers?

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let it shine

Let Your Light Shine

It is our mission to equip the baptized with the tools needed to let their lights shine even brighter. Do not be discouraged, Church! Instead, shine, shine, SHINE!

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7 Secrets to Highly Effective Committees

With so many parishes relying on volunteers and parishioner expertise, committees are inevitable realities. What does it take to make committees work and work well?

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free catholic clip art

LPi’s Free Art Featured Collections are Here!

Utilizing eye-catching and relevant artwork is a sure-fire way to draw readers in to the quality content you’ve created, but sourcing it on a weekly basis can be rather time consuming. We’d like to help.

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Church Digital Outreach

Digital Outreach to Digital Immigrants

Your church’s tech adoption becomes the key to unlocking the next generation of disciples. But what if technology was for everyone?

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5 Ways to Maximize Parish Summer Events

School may be out, but parish life is in! Here are a few tips to maximize summer events and build your vibrant parish.

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5 Challenges (& Solutions) to a Vibrant Parish Office

The Church is alive and well. So, too, should be our parish offices! Read on for five challenges to a vibrant parish office and their positive solutions.

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Solving Everyday Parish Finance Issues

The heating bill, payroll for your office of staff members, & reimbursement checks are a few parish expenses. These little day-to-day tasks can add up to big problems without proper handling.

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Simple Ideas to Build Church Community

When I return to my hometown and join my parents for Sunday Mass, the only thing that’s changed is the new little faces with wide eyes reaching for their dessert in the church basement.

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Your Faith Community on Facebook

Facebook can be an invaluable tool for fostering engagement with newcomers and can serve as a vital source of genuine connection for your members. Utilizing the helpful features on your parish profile — even just a few — will help keep your presence vibrant both in person and on the web.

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