Choosing to Love One Another

May 7, 2021  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

hands in a shape of a heart

Love one another. The greatest commandment, the simplest commandment — and if you’ve ever loved anyone, you know it’s also the hardest.

I’m man enough to admit it. I’ve seen one or two of those cheesy Hallmark movies that are especially popular around the holidays. Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl encounter a catastrophic roadblock to their relationship — they’re coaches of rival high school volleyball teams, or he runs a dog kennel and she works at a feline rescue, so it could never, ever work out, right? But sprinkle a little movie magic over the whole situation and Boy and Girl find what Hallmark tells us is true love.

I could make a list of all the things that are inaccurate about these movies, and something I would put right near the top — maybe even above the sometimes-unbelievable storylines — is the idea that love is a feeling.

See, I’m not sure if it’s accurate to call these movies love stories. Attraction stories, sure. But if you’ve ever forgiven someone who’s hurt you, nursed a dying parent, gotten up for an infant’s night feeding or let your kid have the last piece of cake, you know that real love is a verb. It’s something you do. And it is almost always a choice.

Love one another. How often do we hear this? How often do we think about what it really means? How often do we take a moment to consider the action Jesus is asking us to take and the choice he is asking us to make?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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