Is Your Church Website Mobile Friendly?

March 1, 2018  •   LPi

mobile friendly

Did you know that about 47% of online traffic is from mobile devices? And that online searches rank differently 80% of the time between mobile and desktop? The answer lies in one aspect of Google’s search algorithm. It ranks mobile friendly websites more favorably than websites that don’t adapt to browsing on smartphones and tablets. How does your church website hold up?

mobile friendlyThe changes started to happen in 2015. Search Engine Journal provided a history of the process in December. The changes to the search algorithm affect search rankings on mobile devices and apply to each individual page of the website, not just the site as whole. Google promotes websites that it believes are mobile-friendly across all pages. The reverse is, unfortunately, also true. It will demote sites that are not mobile friendly. With more and more of the Internet traffic being on mobile devices, it is critically important that your church website be mobile friendly.

Remember, your website is a marketing and engagement tool. It is how local Catholics, traveling Catholics, and anyone interested in finding a church can learn about your parish online. Catholics love their saints, and some are more popular that others. There are likely dozens of other “St. Elizabeth Ann Seton” parishes nationwide. Maybe even a few more in your state. That doesn’t take into account St. Elizabeth of Hungry, St. Elizabeth of Portugal, or St. Elizabeth of the Trinity! If someone is trying to find your church and they search “St. Elizabeth Parish” on Google, they could find a lot. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your place in the rankings decreases further.

mobile friendlyThe good news is Google provided a simple tool to test your website. This tool can be found here. Just put your church’s URL in the search box and let Google analyze your site to determine if it is indeed mobile friendly. Anyone can do this. It takes only 2 minutes!

For mobile friendly church websites for your vibrant parish, consider WeConnect, and intuitive site builder created with the Catholic Church in mind.

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