Four Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Facebook Page

January 27, 2016  •   LPi

The Apostle Paul spent a lot of time in town squares, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ wherever he went. He spoke of becoming all things to all people, in order to win some to the cause of Christ. And we are each called to do the same.

Facebook is the new town square with roughly 1.4 billion active users logging in every month. Your parishioners are here. People needing God are here. And your church needs to be here too.

Here are four reasons why your church needs a Facebook page today:

Engage-ParishionersFacebook Lets You Engage Your Parishioners All Week Long

The Mass is the center of all things for the church, bringing the sacrifice and love of Christ into the present moment. This is a message that can be (and should be) echoed throughout the rest of the week using your Facebook page.

  • Post daily Bible readings to connect your parishioners to the word of God.
  • Share homilies for those who might have missed Mass or who are physically unable to attend.
  • Post Catholic articles, encouraging words, and up-to-date news.

Facebook also gives your parishioners a place to share pictures, videos, events, news, and prayer requests all week long. And speaking of prayer…

PrayerFacebook Makes a Great Prayer Chain

Prayer is powerful and sharing prayer requests is something the church has always done. Facebook makes it easy for parishioners and visitors alike to share prayer requests or ministry requests with the community and, instantly, church members can respond and help them.

  • Encourage parishioners to share their prayer needs with the church body.
  • Remind parishioners to intercede for one another as needs arise.
  • Ask parishioners to share how God is answering their prayers.

The practice of praying together draws people closer to God, the church, and one another. Making prayer a focus in daily life can transform a person’s faith and we want to share that message in church, at home, and online.

EvangelizeFacebook Helps You Evangelize the Unchurched

Imagine if you could regularly share the Gospel with those who are lost or fallen away from the faith in just five minutes a day. Facebook provides a place for you to do exactly that.

  • Post content that directly speaks to the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Encourage parishioners to share those posts on their own Facebook page
  • As parishioners share, the Gospel is being spread to everyone they’re connected with on Facebook.

Now imagine people regularly seeing reminders of God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy. This is digital evangelization and God can use it to transform hearts and change lives.

Facebook Encourages Stewardship

We are called to practice stewardship in every area of our lives, to acknowledge that all good gifts come from God, and to use those gifts to honor him. Facebook offers multiple opportunities for your parishioners to give of themselves in their everyday lives.

  • Recruit volunteers using Facebook events
  • Encourage parishioners to ask the community for help when they need it, and to pay it forward when they are able.
  • If you are a WeShare customer, install WeShare on your Facebook page and use it for donations, events, and fundraisers.

Your parishioners are already using Facebook, so give them a way to be good stewards of that time.

For help integrating WeShare with your Facebook page, please contact your Engagement Manager.