Fourth Wednesday of Advent

December 21, 2016  •   Tracy Earl Welliver


SG 2:8-14 or ZEP 3:14-18a; Psalm 33; LK 1:39-45

In today’s Gospel, Elizabeth receives Mary at her home. When the Holy Spirit moves Elizabeth, she testifies to the reality of the Messiah being the child in Mary’s womb. It will then be Elizabeth’s son, John the Baptist, who will prepare the way for his cousin’s public ministry.

It is Elizabeth’s graciousness both in her hospitality and her remarks that provide the setting for this story. When we are gracious, we open ourselves up to become an instrument of God’s peace and love.

Graciousness, another characteristic of an Everyday Steward, allows others to see the effect God has had on our lives. It is not always enough to just share our gifts with others. It is how we share them that can make all the difference. The good steward finds joy in generosity and that joy can become contagious.

Daily Advent Challenge

If you bake or cook, make something for someone else as a gesture of hospitality. If you don’t do either, invite someone out to lunch or dinner. It does not have to be expensive. Graciousness lies in the gesture, not the amount spent or the culinary skill achieved.

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