LPi’s Free Art Featured Collections are Here!

August 8, 2018  •   LPi

free catholic art

Your church is active, involved, and constantly looking for new ways to engage and connect with parishioners and visitors. You and your parish staff members work hard to create beautiful and informative bulletins, newsletters and ministry communications each and every week.

Utilizing eye-catching and relevant artwork is a surefire way to draw readers in to the quality content you’ve created, but sourcing it on a weekly basis can be rather time consuming. We’d like to help.

free catholic clip art

Starting this month, LPi will be offering featured collections of vibrant, themed images on our website. Each of these collections will be available for one full month on our Free Art page. Not to worry, the free art pieces that you’ve been finding on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles aren’t going away. These themed collections are simply being added as an additional vibrant art resource for you and your parishioners.

Now, you can search through groups of specific, quality images all at once instead of searching for each image individually. These images can be used anywhere and everywhere. They can be featured in your bulletins, presented on your parish websites, downloaded for use on your parish app or added to any of your other important church and ministry communications.

Each month will bring something new. We will offer collections of seasonal art and liturgical holiday pieces, a series of saints and plenty of other unique and captivating artwork for you to use for your parish activities. You can browse through the themed collections all at once and download the pieces that are just right for your content.

Be sure to check out the free art collection that is available for you right now! If you are interested in finding new ways to incorporate vibrant artwork into your church communications, you can always visit our site to learn more about our Free Art offerings or, you find even more inspiration in our LPi WeCreate platform!  


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