Get Inspired!

June 13, 2014  •   LPi

Creativity can be very elusive, especially when you are working on a deadline and need an idea as soon as possible!  Many of the world’s greatest thinkers developed unusual habits in an effort to spark their minds.  Maya Angelou made hotel rooms her workspace of choice, while Igor Stravinski got his innovative juices flowing by standing on his head.

Thanks to LPi’s Art & Media Portal, inspiration is only a click away. Log in to your account and then click here for an assortment of beautiful typographical art to suit any publication.

Here are some ideas for putting that inspirational content to use in bulletins, newsletters, and social networks:

Inspirational PerformationBulletins

Typographic artwork can serve as a permanent staple within your bulletin or used when needed.

  • Use as a Banner or Heading: Combine inspirational art with other content to create bulletin banners.
  • Place on a Perforated Page: Readers can tear out a new inspiration each week to post on their refrigerator or bulletin board.




Inspirational CalendarNewsletters

  • Article Inspirations: Use inspiring images to help springboard inspiring articles.
  • Place an image on your calendar as a monthly reflection






Social Networks

  • Pin image to your boards
  • Use as a Facebook cover photo on profile picture
    Inspirational Facebook

Now that you have some inspiration to work with, it is time to get started. How else can you imagine using these images?  Please share your ideas in the comments.