God Is Love

June 26, 2020  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Hollywood walk of fame diamonds on sidewalk

I was recently at a Catholic conference and had a conversation with someone living in the thick of Hollywood culture. He was Catholic and spoke of how hard it was to live out his faith amid tremendous temptation and negativity toward religion. He spoke about how going to daily Mass helped to keep him centered and stay strong in his faith. He was a great witness to living out one’s faith in the face of disbelief.

One thing that he told me stood out above all the rest. He spoke of his engagement to his fiancé and how important it was to him that God was a major part of their relationship and their lives as individuals as well. He told me he said something to her like, “If you don’t love Jesus more than you love me, this is never going to work.” What an amazing and truly moving witness!

Songs and books are written about the intense longing one human being can have for another. We can describe another as meaning everything to us. We speak of wanting to offer our complete selves to our beloved. However, true love is about more than wanting to be with that person. It is about wanting that person to know a love even greater than theirs: the love of God. No love can last without God. My Hollywood friend knew this to be the case. He showed his true love for his wife-to-be by sharing more than himself — he shared the very One who created love.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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