Graphic Designers Share Their 7 Favorite Marian Designs for May

April 21, 2022  •   LPi

images of Mary

May is a month of beauty and the new life of spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the whole world feels as if it is alive again! How fitting, then, that it is also a month set aside for the honor of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who bore Life Eternal to us all. Parishes across the United States take advantage of this Marian month by incorporating special events like the May Crowning or additional Marian prayers sprinkled throughout month.

Looking for beautiful Marian imagery to use in your bulletin, social media feed, or print materials? Look no further! WeCreate features images that are beautiful, reverent, and inspiring for your community.

Not sure where to start? The graphic designers at LPi have collected their favorite images for you here! DOWNLOAD ART
Read on for a little about each piece from the designers.

David K. suggests this colorful, scrapbook-like image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It’s perfect for congregations that serve a Mexican community — but remember, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of the Americas as well, not just Mexico! There’s space in every community for the message and image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, “Let not your heart be disturbed … Am I not here, who is your Mother?”

If you’re drawn to statues in art, Gabriella L. recommends these two images (Hail Mary and Mary in the Sun) featuring statuary for their striking composition. She also points out their complimentary color palettes make for a pleasing, peaceful design. Mary’s open arms represent her love and care for all of humanity, drawing them near to her son.

This Marian-blue piece is one of Tim D.’s favorites because of the simple sans serif text work and the camera angle that adds a flair of the dramatic to an otherwise subdued statue. Ever wonder why Mary is often associate with blue? In Byzantine/Orthodox tradition, blue represents the color of the sky or of heaven; red represents the earth, the color of blood. Traditionally, Mary is often depicted with a blue dress covered in a red cloak, illustrating that she carried Jesus (divine) in her humanity. (Alternatively, Jesus is traditionally depicted wearing a red garment covered by a blue outer later, showing that he took on human nature.)

Speaking of traditional art, this piece is based off one of the most beloved icons in our history. The gentle embrace of mother and child has served as inspiration to faithful across the world for generations. Adding this image to your bulletin, website or social media may invoke a wave of nostalgia to someone who recognizes it from a different parish or a childhood memory.

Looking for something simpler and more modern? Kristen R. loves this word art piece. (Remember, the Feast of the Visitation is this summer! Bookmark it for later!) Mary’s gentle pose partnered with the soft colors instantly evokes a feeling of peace for the viewer.

Lastly, looking for a great square-image to place on social media? This image is a classic piece with a lightly distressed finish. Most parishes will find it relatable and approachable, just like Mary.

Remember: imagery speaks its own story. Choosing a graphic that fits the overall message you are trying to send enhances the experience for the end-user. Traditional, modern, dramatic, or peaceful — whatever imagery you need, WeCreate has just what you are looking for. Enjoy the beauty that this month offers … and pair it with lovely graphics that honor the Mother of Jesus!

Churches who print their bulletins with LPi have full access to WeCreate for free! If you don’t publish with us, reach out to us to get started. You can also purchase a subscription to WeCreate here.


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