Introducing Brand New Art and Content for 2023!

November 23, 2022  •   LPi

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Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to produce brand new liturgical content for our WeCreate Catholic art & content library. In 2023 we bring to you new gospel illustrations, new authors, and more outlined below. If you don’t have access to WeCreate yet, click here to learn more about this resource library.


New Gospel Illustrations

Introducing our brand-new series of original Gospel Illustrations! You can find these in WeCreate under the Section titled Gospel Illustrations or they can be found in the Sunday date pin every Sunday of the year! These beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations correlate with the Gospel text each week. They are only available in WeCreate, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to be the first to use them in your bulletins, or on social and web!

American Saints & Holy People

In 2023 our weekly saint content will focus on American saints and holy people! This includes many immigrants, religious, adventurers, formally enslaved people and more! Our goal is to bring you stories of our hometown heroes celebrating our local saints, as well as those appointed blessed, venerable, and servants of God on their way to sainthood. Every week this content includes an original illustrated image of the person, a short and tweetable biography, and a longer-form biography.

Social Media Stories & More Social Graphics

Another collection we’ve been populating with new content every single month is our social media posts section. Recently, we introduced Social Media Stories providing relevant new images optimized specifically for use on Facebook and Instagram stories. For ideas on how to use these images or for information on how to make use of the stories feature, check out this recent blog post! Be sure to search the Sections in WeCreate for Social Media Stories, Social Media Banners, and Social Media Posts for images ready to go right into your newsfeeds!

Introducing Practicing Catholic

You may be familiar with the Everyday Stewardship Reflections written by Tracy Earl Welliver. In January 2023, Tracy will be retiring from writing these reflections as we introduce a new, complimentary series that incorporates many of the same themes called (Practicing) Catholic! These reflections, written by author Colleen Jurkiewicz Dorman, speak to families in your parish as they practice their daily faith. Colleen has been writing Catholic content with LPi for many years, including contributing to Connect Sunday Reflections. In this new reflection series, you’ll find relatable, shareable ways to evangelize your community.

New Gospel Meditations

We are thrilled to introduce Fr. John Muir as our new English Gospel Meditation author. For an in-depth introduction to Fr. Muir, check out an interview we did with him recently here. Our Spanish Gospel Meditations will continue to be written by our long-time author Lupita Vital. These Gospel Meditations can be used in many ways, including, but not limited to, homiletic inspiration, bulletin content, and personal reflection.


Every month we add hundreds of new pieces of Catholic art and content across WeCreate to help you create vibrant communications. All LPi bulletin customers receive full access to this resource library. Not a bulletin customer yet? Learn more!

As always, we love to see how you use our content, be sure to tag LPi in your social media posts so that we can see the incredible work you are doing in your home parish.








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