Jesus Carries His Cross

March 8, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Second Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 2

Jesus placed heavy wood upon his shoulders and began a journey through the streets toward the place they named Golgotha. He certainly knew what awaited him there. Who would have blamed him if he offered some resistance? He could have shown the authorities that they had no real power over him. But instead, Jesus accepted his cross in spite of the fact that they had no real power over him.

Power is a strange thing. Humans will go to great lengths to gain it. Many who receive great power easily abuse it. It can corrupt the soul of those who have it, while at the same time seem like the cure for the ills of those who are powerless.

True power only comes from God and all power rests in God. We can easily fall into a trap, believing worldly powers have tied our hands. We may believe that we cannot do God’s work in the world because the world will not let us. We offer excuses and speak of great obstacles. But the reality is that no one has power over us unless we grant them that power. The only one we should be surrendering power to is God.



Lord Jesus Christ,
all glory and honor is yours.
Help me to accept the burdens and the triumphs
I encounter in this world
and increase in me the wisdom to see your plan for my life.
I surrender all to you, the source of all good things,
for all I have, you have entrusted to me as a good steward.



Buy someone a treat by taping an envelope with coins to a vending machine.


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