Jesus is Condemned to Death

March 5, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The First Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 1

What more can one give than his or her life? Few ever have such a price asked of them. Jesus gave everything he had for sinners like you and me, but we have always been more than sinners to him. We have been brother, sister, son, daughter, and friend.

Who is your sibling, son or daughter, or friend? Do you only count those of blood relation or close relationship? Is the woman on the street your sister? Is the man in prison your brother? Are those resting today in shelters, hospitals, orphanages, and containment camps your family?

We may never be asked to stand before a judge and have a sentence of death delivered unto us. Yet, every day we are asked to give something to those we love and sometimes those we do not even know. How can we contemplate what Jesus was willing to give and not respond to the needs of others when much less is asked of us? He stood there innocent, yet condemned. His death and resurrection have taken away our condemnation and now we are free: free to give back all in his name.


Lord Jesus Christ,
though you were condemned to die,
I know that no one took your life from you.
It was yours to give, and you gave it away freely.
Your decision was not easy, but your love made it possible.
Create in me a loving heart that I may be an instrument of peace.
Create in me a giving heart that I may answer the call without reservation.
And create in me a grateful heart
that I may never take for granted
your endless love for me.


Find a moment to tell a family member, neighbor, friend, or co-worker how much you appreciate him or her.


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