The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Prayerful

March 6, 2020  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Woman holding child closely with hands together in prayer

When my children were younger, they could make me laugh and sometimes cry. I would have conversations about animals, nature, outer space, and so many amazing things in life. I would play with them one day and then work to bandage a boo-boo the next. There were so many dynamics to our relationship. However, one aspect was my favorite. It was when one of them would snuggle up next to me on the couch silently, often leading to sleep. There was no better feeling, and I didn’t want to move for anything. It is crazy to think of all the things we would do together, and my favorite was when we essentially were doing nothing.

Do you think God desires a portion of you? Without a doubt, He wants all of you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Walking with Him daily is so important, and we can never become the disciples and stewards we need to be without a deepening relationship. Yet, prayer is not just talking and listening. It is also being. We sometimes seek to communicate so much and do so many things that we forget the value of stewardship of presence. The giving of ourselves completely to another often requires us to simply be with that person. We feel their presence. We rest in their being. No words are needed because words would destroy the moment. This is what we are called to in a relationship with God. This is good stewardship because it is about giving of our very presence to God and receiving strength from that resting in Him. Sometimes, all we need is to snuggle up to our God on the couch.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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