LPi Advances WeGather by Including Parish to Diocese Data Sharing Feature

April 3, 2019  •   LPi

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LPi is pleased to announce that it has launched a new, multiple organization data sharing feature for WeGather: a fully integrated, Church Management & Parish Community Builder, cloud-based software solution built for the Catholic Church. This new data sharing feature will allow a hierarchy of aggregate data shared from parishes to their diocese providing the ability to measure the health of all parishes within the diocese as well as share data across parishes if desired.

With this new function, dioceses will be able to identify trends that can be translated into support needs for all their communities. The benefits of the trend analysis will be to develop programs that can assist growth, enhance Catholic development, and support individual parish missions. Put simply, this program will help in growing authentic, vibrant parishes.

With an integrated data sync, dioceses and parishes no longer have to manually share member data. The data will automatically sync to save time and money and streamline communication between the diocese-to-parish, parish-to-parish, parish-to-member, diocese-to-member, providing an opportunity to strengthen all relationships within the Catholic Church.

“The sharing of information is critical to further each diocese’s mission and to support the health and vibrancy of every individual parish. Our new WeGather data sync feature gives everyone access to the data they need while keeping the control of the data within each parish safely and securely,” says Joe Luedtke, LPi’s President.

This WeGather data sharing feature is built on Salesforce®, with Amazon Web Services acting as a communication platform so that data can be shared across Salesforce.com instances. Parishes can configure what data can be shared out and how frequently it should be made available. This feature gives control over data being shared between multiple Salesforce® instances, including a configured approval/reject process using WeGather’s native Salesforce®’s Lightning application.

For almost five decades, LPi has helped thousands of churches across the country intentionally communicate with their parishioners, grow their engagement, and advance a stewardship way of life. The technology of WeGather offers parishes a more efficient way to better serve the emerging needs of the church in the modern world. To learn more about WeGather, visit www.4lpi.com/WeGather.

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