LPi has been Giving Back Since Our Beginning

July 22, 2022  •   LPi


For 50 years, LPi has been faithfully serving our Church customers. Today, we service just over 4,600 churches across the country. As part of that service our church partners get a free bulletin delivered to their parish each week, their bulletin published to the web on ParishesOnline.com, and, for the those who opt in, their bulletin delivered weekly to parishioner email inboxes. We send out about 3,000,000 bulletins and over 300,000 emails each week.

This service is entirely free to our Church customers. Yes, free! It’s paid for by the advertisers who sponsor an advertisement on the church bulletin. But, for most of our church customers, this service is better than free. When our ad sales team achieves the church’s threshold in advertising sales, we return a portion of those adverting dollars back to the church in the form of a royalty each year. Wow!

Since our inception in 1972, LPi has been giving back to the Church. This year we estimate, we’ll give back $4.5 million in royalties to the Church. Our finance team poured through our historical records and determined that over the past 50 years, we have given back at least $157 million dollars to Catholic churches across the country. Again, wow!

Yes, we do indeed help our customers change the world!

— Joe Luedtke, CEO


Reaching 50 years of service to our community is incredible… but even more incredible is the work done by the churches who serve their congregations day in and day out. We are honored to partner with them. Are you looking for a new integrated communications partner? We’d love to chat! Contact us.

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