LPi Partners with WORSHIPNOW for New App

July 9, 2020  •   LPi

LPi Partners with WORSHIPNOW for New App

In response to the ongoing needs of churches and the generous parishioners they serve, LPi is excited to announce a new partnership with Catholic music publisher, WORSHIPNOW. LPi’s online giving platform, WeShare, is now fully integrated with WORSHIPNOW‘s new Pew Edition app.

This free app for parishioners will unlock 24/7 access to all of Mass prayers, readings, 300+ songs, a personal journal and LPi’s fully integrated giving feature. Parishes will be able to accept donations during Mass without having to pass a collection basket, and securely receive donations from anyone who may not be carrying cash or forgot their tithing envelope.

WORSHIPNOW was created to help parishes integrate modern worship music into their liturgies using hymnals, custom arrangements, digital downloads, music planning, and training. Through this new partnership, WORSHIPNOW and LPi will have the opportunity to further expand their reach and mission in an ongoing effort to provide premiere worship resources for the Catholic Church.

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Teresa Gildersleeve
1 year ago

Great idea! But, we can’t sing yet. Maybe later.

Marty Martin
1 year ago

Ho generous of LPi to do this. Peace to you and stay well

Wayne C. Genereux, Pastor, Blessed Trinity
1 year ago

How do we get started?

Rob Bond
1 year ago

Can your provide any pointers that would provide a practical understanding of how this app is used as part of the celebration of the Liturgy?

Alicia Gonzales
1 year ago

Is this just a free 30 day trial?

Doug Laughlin
1 year ago

When will this be available?

Candielyla Pinaula
1 year ago

Looking forward to explore resources.

Kevin Baker
1 year ago

What is the official name of the app? Trying to find it on the App Store and I am not successful.

1 year ago

I noticed that the app offers different prices for number of “seats”. Does this mean that as a parish we would have the ability for up to 499 individuals to download the app?