LPi Refocuses on Communication Roots with Selling of WeShare & WeGather

August 6, 2021  •   Joe Luedtke

Greater Mission Alliance

For almost five decades LPi has been a highly effective communication, printing, and advertising company. A little over a decade ago, we created something else, something different, and something our customers desperately needed: WeShare, an online donation service for our church and other non-profit customers.

Our journey with WeShare has taken us from the early days of having to convince the first adopters to trust us to help manage their donation revenue stream, to recently having to manage exponential growth as LPi, the communication company, started to transform into a financial services organization. From its humble beginnings over 10 years ago, WeShare, now with its accompanying donor management system, WeGather, has indeed become something huge as it processes hundreds of millions of dollars in donations annually.

At LPi, our passion statement is, “We help our customers change the world.” With COVID-19 dramatically accelerating the digital transformation of our customers, they need our help more than ever to continue to move into the 21st century with their communications. More innovation is needed in our communication platform. And it is also imperative to continue to expand WeShare and WeGather’s capabilities and presence.

LPi is a thriving, growing, innovative, and culture-driven organization, serving the same market with two very different solutions — communication and financial technology. Both paths require significant energy, investment, and focus. Therefore, we have made the strategic decision to sell our online donation and donor management platforms to allow us to focus more on our communication roots. WeShare and WeGather have been sold to Ministry Brands, the leading provider of SaaS platforms for faith-based organizations in the U.S. By having WeShare and WeGather join Ministry Brands, together they will be able to provide:

  • Unlimited scalability. Less than 20% of the average church member base donates online. That is changing and the move to online donations and payments is only accelerating.
  • Industry Expertise. The FinTech (Finance and Technology) industry is unique with its own challenges and complexities. Our customers deserve access to experts in this industry.
  • Robust Risk Management. We live in challenging and changing times. The security of our customer’s data, their member’s financial information, is paramount.

As the CEO and leader of this awesome LPi family, it is even more important to me that Ministry Brands is a good fit for our people. Ministry Brands allows their brands to be run with a level of autonomy that will continue to foster innovation and inspire teamwork and passion while ensuring that the needs of customers are met.

As we look to the future, we plan to focus on helping our print customers embrace new forms of electronic communication. Our printed bulletin and newsletters have been the staple of communication for our customers for decades and absolutely have a place in our future. As an added benefit to our publication service, we’ll be rolling out our new communication platform for non-profits, ePub Design, later this summer. This exciting new platform provides our customers a single solution to publish both their print and digital content. There is nothing in the marketplace available like this and our customers have already demonstrated there is strong demand for this new product.

I look forward to our future and the new innovation that together we will bring to our customers. LPi is an exciting place to be. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings!


Joe Luedtke

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