LPi Welcomes New Catholic Churches to the WeShare Family

October 30, 2017  •   LPi

In early 2017 LPI announced the acquisition of the merchant portfolio of Yapstone’s ParishPay online giving solution. In simpler terms, we took possession of all the data for the churches, contacts, giving opportunities, and donors along with all related financial information. We did not acquire their software or technical infrastructure.

The move to WeShare provides many advantages to our new clients:

  • Event management with registration and payment features
  • A mobile platform for easy donor access and management
  • A donor system that integrates to most church management systems
  • An Engagement Manage dedicated to individual parishes
  • Professional promotional materials to further engage the donor community
  • LPI is a single source provider for digital, print, service and branding solutions

From day one of the acquisition our WeShare Engagement Managers took over the day-to-day service of the accounts. In preparation for the transition we added staff, extended our support hours from 7 AM CST to 7 PM CST, presented over 80 online training sessions, and developed a portfolio of marketing materials to support the churches.

Subsequent to the acquisition LPI developed a plan to migrate all information into our systems and software. Our goal was for the changeover to be as seamless as possible for both the churches and their donors. The migration was completed on the morning of Thursday, October 12th with the successful transfer of all related information to the WeShare system.

Out of concern for the ongoing security of church and donor data, LPI is requiring users to revalidate their accounts in the new system. Donors will be requested to provide:

  • Their ParishPay user name.
  • The last four digits of the account or credit card used for donations.
  • One of the following two:
    • The email used to register the ParishPay account or,
    • A collection name and the specific amount donated in the last six months.

Should a Parishioner have any issues with validation they can call the support line: (800) 950-9952 Ext 1.

We are excited to welcome over 800 new churches and 100,000 new donors to the WeShare family!

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