LPi’s Online Giving Hits New $1 Billion Milestone

June 3, 2020  •   LPi

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LPi announced today that WeShare, their online giving platform, has surpassed, for the first time, $1 billion in processed online donations. According to Joe Luedtke, LPi’s CEO, it’s all thanks to the rigorous support of the church members and non-profit supporters who utilize it.

“At LPi, we’re proud to have been serving our Catholic Church customers for almost 50 years, and are excited to announce that, while only a few years old, WeShare has now processed over $1 billion in donations,” announced Joe Luedtke, CEO of LPi. “WeShare is now serving over 2,000 churches and non-profits. Through the generous giving of members nationwide, we literally are, as our passion statement says, ‘Helping Our Customers Change the World.’”

WeShare has been setting itself apart from other online giving services since the beginning. Whether it be through kick-off campaigns to debut the platform, or the WeShare Engagement Campaign, a free parish-wide campaign to increase donors and maximize parish giving, WeShare comes with everything required to keep donations consistent.

The WeShare Engagement Campaign has been especially beneficial during COVID-19, according to Shari Pender, finance director of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church Wake Forest, North Carolina. The campaign allowed the parish to gently remind their members that although they may not be in the pews each week, their presence is still needed to keep essential ministries alive.

“When our parish first closed to the public, regular giving did go down dramatically,” she admitted. “But we have a steady stream of faithful parishioners. It didn’t take long before members began to sign up for online giving.”

About LPi

For over five decades, LPi has helped thousands of churches across the country intentionally communicate with their parishioners, grow their engagement, and advance a stewardship way of life. To learn more about WeShare, visit www.4lpi.com/WeShare.

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