March 24 – Holy Thursday

March 24, 2016  •   LPi

holyThursdayToday’s Scripture

“Do this in remembrance of me,” (1Cor 11:24 ).

Daily Lent Reflection

The surprising sequence of taking, blessing, breaking and sharing of Jesus’ life was underlined by a momentous act of service: the washing of disciples’ feet! Interestingly, the only memorial worthy of Jesus is us mirroring this – taking, blessing, breaking and sharing life as it comes to us, whilst making an effort to ‘wash’ each other’s ‘feet’ – even if such acts are incomprehensible at the moment.

Daily Lent Challenge

Today I ask what will help me give thanks for everything my life includes? What parts of my life do I need to break open so I can share more generously? How am I called to ‘wash’ other people’s ‘feet’?

Teresa Keogh, Archdiocese of Southwark