Making Second Collections Easier

July 1, 2016  •   Keith Alberts

Sometimes it’s the Diocese. Sometimes it’s a mission parish that you support in another country. Sometimes it’s a local ministry.

Whatever the cause happens to be, Catholic churches have a variety of second collections where the basket comes around again. And your parishioners often need to write two checks and bring two envelopes that week.

Not the easiest way to handle second collections.

Image 2When LPi created our online giving tool WeShare, we made a commitment to our parish customers to build the easiest, most robust, and best online giving program available for the Catholic Church.

Over the past five years, the biggest thing we’ve learned is that change will happen.

We initially thought parishioners would manage giving like they do their other bills by going into WeShare each month and making regular gifts. What we discovered over time is that most parishioners would rather schedule their donations for the entire year all at once. Set it and forget it. In our latest release of WeShare, we have built an amazing feature that helps parishioners do just that.

A church can create second collection opportunities for giving throughout the year. Donations for these collections will be pulled from the parishioner’s bank account on the date the church decides it should. May collections are pulled in May, Christmas gifts are pulled in December, and so on. that’s set up, parishioners can schedule their second collection giving for the year all at once. They can then choose to enter a total amount that gets equally divided between all second collections, or set a custom amount for each giving opportunity. Once the date the church has selected arrives, their donation is then processed.

No more having to return to WeShare every month—everything is automatically taken care and they will receive a receipt for each gift they have chosen to make

With event ticket sales and program registration, WeShare is already an online giving program like no other and our newest second collections feature will only further increase engagement of WeShare at your parish. And with more parishioners donating online on a regular basis, the church will continue to receive an increase in giving each year.

If you have ever considered an online giving program or already have one and are looking to make a change, now is the time to look at the WeShare online giving platform. Register for a short webinar to experience the features, functionality, and process that will make online giving a success in your parish.