It’s Not Possible to Over-Communicate During Times of Crisis

June 4, 2020  •   LPi

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For parishes, the COVID-19 crisis meant that in addition to canceled Masses and postponed weddings, you also had to forgo the high priority of a parish bulletin in lieu of more pressing matters. But during this time of uncertainty, communication to parishioners is as important as ever – and that’s where LPi can help.

For parish staff who have found themselves severely limited in what they can put out, we invite you to download our free weekly bulletins from WeCreate. Filled with informational, formational and inspiring content already laid out, it allows parishes to continue that regular communication which members have come to expect, without the added stress of trying to do so without the time and resources needed.

How to Use

From tracking down the letter from the pastor, laying out the week’s readings, to formatting the listing of prayer intentions, getting your bulletin ready can be a daunting task no matter what’s happening in the world. To help assist parishes (whether they’re long-time customers or those who have yet to join our LPi family), our weekly bulletins are available for use whenever and however you need them.

Through WeCreate, our digital art and Church content platform, it’s easy to prepare your weekly bulletin. Just click on the weekly content pin for the date of content you need, and under “Bulletins” choose which layout and pages you would like to download. Already attractively laid out for your convenience, you’ll find inspirational Gospel reflections, beautifully written prayers, weekly readings charts, tips to staying healthy, and even Fr. Flood comics for some much-needed humor.

Because parishes are struggling with keeping donations consistent while doors are closed, each bulletin includes a reminder of the importance of donating online. Churches that make an extra effort to encourage their members to switch to online donations eventually see giving amounts level back to normal, with some even increasing over time as members realize just how easy it is to switch to recurring online giving.

Use as much or as little content as you need, and you’re well on your way to providing your members with a piece of vital communication.

How to Share

With the canceling of Masses not just in our communities, but throughout the world, parishes have had to get creative when it comes to distributing bulletins. If you’re an LPi bulletin customer, your parish is already provided a service through that automatically uploads your latest bulletin online. If you haven’t done so yet, encourage your members to visit the website and sign up for automatic notifications to be sent straight to their inbox whenever a new bulletin is uploaded. This way they’ll stay informed no matter where they happen to find themselves each week.

Do you have a weekly newsletter or message from the pastor that is emailed out to parishioners? Add a link to your weekly bulletin there, too. You should also make sure to add it to your website for those you don’t have emails for, and to engage visitors.

How to Inspire

During this time of unrest, when the news is full of disheartening statistics and social distancing is at an all-time high, regular communication from the parish can be vital to keeping members informed and inspired in the Catholic faith. Use this opportunity to share ways to help them along their journey with Christ and offer them ways in which the Church is there to help them physically and spiritually.

In addition to the free weekly bulletin, WeCreate is also a hub of stock photography, Church clip art, Catholic prayers, weekly Gospel reflections, and more. Be sure to take advantage of all there is available on the digital platform to remind your members that the Church is alive and well.

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