Paying Attention

The more we look the more we see; the more we practice the discipline of gratitude, the more things we realize the graciousness of God and how much there is to be grateful for. Click here to read the full post

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Don't Quit

Everyday Stewardship: Don’t Quit

Stewardship calls for us to become mature disciples that respond to Christ’s call, regardless of the cost. If we are going to take this commitment seriously, we have to work hard on becoming what we are called to. Click here to read the full post  

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Friendship With God

How to add a dose of spirituality to your daily life

The Church teaches that we are all called to holiness What does holiness mean? According to my oldest child (a very opinionated and precocious first grader who likes to give his expert opinion on everything), holiness is being best friends with God. How do we befriend God? Use these five unintimidating spiritual practices to get […]

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Buddy Christ

Is Christ Cool?

Good stewards strive to maintain a balanced life by not overindulging in personal wealth or material goods but by sharing their blessings with others. We value life at all stages and give credit to the creator in which we share by giving life to others. We strive to make this a better world by storing […]

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Couple holding hands while their children walk in front of them.

There Is Love

For Sunday, August 23, 2015, 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time In the years that I was involved in liturgy planning for weddings, engaged couples almost invariably wanted to include a secular song as part of the ceremony. Often it would have been a song they heard on their first date, one they may have danced to, […]

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Then Come, Follow me

When we contemplate stewardship at it’s most basic level, we see it is about to whom do we belong. A person cannot serve two masters. A good steward sees that not only does all he has been given belong to God, he himself belongs to his Creator. Click here to read the full post

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Willful Ignorance

Everyday Stewardship: Ignorance is Not Bliss

Our lives our not our own and God has given them to us with a purpose and a plan. We can be instruments of God even if we sometimes say no to His requests, but we can never achieve our full potential without constantly discerning His will for us and responding in maturity. Click here […]

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: Sundays are a Gift from God, Don’t Ruin It

Going to Mass brings the grace of Jesus Christ to each of our celebrations, he said, since it is in the Eucharist that we encounter his presence, love and sacrifice. The Eucharistic celebration, he said, is Jesus’ way of being with us and forming us into a community. Click here to read the full post

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Father McGivney

Father McGivney, My Father, & Me

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of Fr. Michael J. McGivney, a Irish-American priest who founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882 with a small group of parishioners in his Connecticut parish. What began in a parish meeting of a few has become an unbelievable force for good in our world. What is your idea to begin […]

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A Case of Maturity

Maturity in our modern American society sometimes seems to be in short supply. So often we are about immediate gratification and we focus more on our wants instead of our needs. We find ourselves unable to see the big picture or the value of waiting for anything. This is true with money, possessions, sex, and […]

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Image of Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Bread that Satisfies Our Hunger for Peace

For Sunday, August 16, 2015, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time When it comes to anniversaries, this August has been particularly poignant. Within a few days of each other, we’ve noted the seventieth anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the […]

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Heroic Priesthood

Watch the Award-Winning “Heroic Priesthood” Film

If you haven’t seen “Heroic Priesthood”, you can watch the full ten-minute film at the link below. Please share it with friends and family, especially young men who may be interested in the priesthood. You can also purchase DVD copies in bulk through to pass out in your parish or diocese. Click here to read […]

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