5 Challenges (& Solutions) to a Vibrant Parish Office

The Church is alive and well. So, too, should be our parish offices! Read on for five challenges to a vibrant parish office and their positive solutions.

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CSR - God is Present

Lift Your Voices for Justice

As we confront the realities of suffering and exploitation that fill the news and our social feeds, we’re reminded that we must seek out God’s justice.

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Using Your Spiritual Gifts for God’s Glory

If a sower sows seeds only on rocky or weed-infested soil, nothing of great value will grow. But if that same sower plants his seeds in rich soil, then the harvest will one day be great.

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Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters and Online Giving

Why Bad People Love Your Church: Fraudsters & Online Giving

Fraudsters are cyber criminals who focus their energy on credit card and identity theft. They gather a list of stolen card numbers then test them out on low-risk, easy to use platforms. Here’s what we’re doing to stop them.

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Solving Everyday Parish Finance Issues

The heating bill, payroll for your office of staff members, & reimbursement checks are a few parish expenses. These little day-to-day tasks can add up to big problems without proper handling.

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CSR - Breaking News vs. an In-Breaking Kingdom

Breaking News vs. an In-Breaking Kingdom

I’ve grown tired of tv news and the segments on celebrities bickering. Pondering this before Mass, a sense of relief came over me. There were no tv screens on the altar flashing “Breaking News”.

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Everyday Stewardship - Moving as One

Moving As One

I have coached all three of my children in soccer. One goal was to help build an awareness of where your teammates were on the pitch, much like the goal of disciples and stewards.

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Should Your Parish Use Instagram?

There are 168 hours in a week. Your parish knows that less than one percent of that time is spent in the church. How can online communication and social media engage even further?

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CSR - Growing the Kingdom

Growing the Kingdom

Sometimes, I try to control people or circumstances in order that my plan comes about. But it never works out the way I had hoped. I think the same is true with the kingdom of God.

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Everyday Stewardship- The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

What more can one say or do to demonstrate love for another when all they have has been given to another? This is the ultimate in love. This is the love Jesus had for us daily, in every church.

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Simple Ideas to Build Church Community

When I return to my hometown and join my parents for Sunday Mass, the only thing that’s changed is the new little faces with wide eyes reaching for their dessert in the church basement.

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God Sees the Worth in All of Us

When I first got married, I was clueless about cooking. I once bought potatoes thinking I could find a way to use them but, they were promptly forgotten in the back of the pantry.

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