Our Limited Realm of Time & Space

The Good News of Transformation

The day-to-day challenges of life find us struggling with our incompleteness. Our unenlightened and dimly lit eyes fail to see the beauty of what is yet to be. Imagine how differently we would feel and how creative we would become if we gave more attention to who we are becoming!

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New Ways to Recruit Parish Volunteers

Instead of only sending out the call for the usual suspects, it’s time to focus on expanding our view of parishioner recruitment to help evangelizing in other crucial ways, both inside and outside our walls. Here are just a few scenarios you may not have considered.

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Reach Across Boundaries

Dare To Go to the Fringes

Like Benedict’s monks and the Apostles, each of us is called to do our part in realizing this mission, but we are also called to reach across the boundaries — whatever form they might take — and invite others to join us in living out this mission.

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Branching Out Isn’t Always What It’s Cracked Up to Be

The Bible tells us that when we bear fruit as good everyday stewards, it is for the Father’s glory. We are the branch on His magnificent tree. We also tend to reflect how well the other branches around us are incorporating the nutrients coming their way.

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Website Navigation for the Best User Experience

When everything you have is deemed “essential,” you need to come up with a way to make it easy to find on your website for those who might not think that way. Read on for five ways to effectively set up your parish website navigation.

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I am the vine. You are the branches.

Staying Connected To One Another In Christ

Jesus connects us not only to himself but to one another. Just as the branch is vitally connected to the vine, so the believer is vitally connected to Jesus. And just as, apart from the vine, the branch shrivels up and dies, so those who are not connected to Jesus have no life within them.

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Confidence in Princes

Are you looking to the world for an answer? Are you looking in the mirror, expecting to find a solution to your problems? Are you expecting happiness, peace, contentment or justice to come from any place other than God?

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How to Start an Online Giving Email Program for Your Parish

An easy way to get started on creating a giving program for your parish is to automate it with an email campaign. From audience, messaging, and email platforms, check out some easy-to-implement ways to work a campaign into your list of tasks.

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Make A Willing Sacrifice of Self

A Willing Sacrifice

Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “No one takes my life from me, but I lay it down on my own.” Jesus’ intrinsic freedom is the shining quality here. He was not “compelled” or “obligated” or “coerced” into the path that led to Calvary: he chose it.

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How to Fail Your Way to Heaven

It’s right for us to always keep in mind that Jesus is God. But we also have to remember that he was man. He got hungry. He cried when he felt sad and laughed when he felt happy. It’s the tightrope walk we all try to balance every day, honoring our human emotions while still answering God’s call to be better.

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Technology Tools to Collaborate Effectively with Parish Staff

Last-minute determinations without all decision-makers present are nothing new when it comes to parish life. However, technology these days is helping close the gap when it comes to silos in the workplace. Here are some tips to consider.

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Hope for the Resurrection of Our Bodies

In this last year we’ve all been reminded of our mortality as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept over the world. But as part of the Body of Christ, there is a hope that awaits our mortal bodies, and to see it, we need look no further than this Sunday’s readings!

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