The Unfailing Goodness of God

Yes, God is all-good and all-knowing. So when He gives us free will, He knows what we will do with it. However, He is also all-powerful. He can and will bring good from any situation, any tragedy, or even any instance where someone ignores Him.

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Journey with Christ

Adjust to Scarcity

Lent invites us into the desert. As the Spirit drove Jesus into the desert, so the Spirit drives us into that same place of peace filled scarcity. We live a simpler, more reflective life hoping to confront the demons that bind us to our weakness and imperfections.

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This Lent, Begin by Focusing on Yourself

As we begin to prepare our communities for the upcoming Lenten season, it’s time to admit something difficult but truthful: we can’t fill our parishioners’ spiritual buckets if ours are running on empty. Following are some ways you can step back and renew your faith.

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Be Made Clean

Profound Healing

According to Leviticus, skin diseases, as well as scars and burns, render persons unclean. What is at stake here is the question of contagion and the health of the community. Because of their condition, the sick person was ostracized from the community.

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The Audacity of Holiness

The holy person sees a storm on the horizon of life, and rather than give themselves over to fear and despair (natural and understandable reactions), regards the gathering winds as an opportunity to rely more fully on God.

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3 Ideas to Build Your Church Community Post-COVID

While we still have months before many of us will see the vaccine, now is the time to prepare to welcome our parishioners back to the fold. Here are three simple ideas you can build upon to ensure your members continue their relationship with Christ.

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Renewed By Prayer

Overcoming the Drudgery of Life

Life becomes nothing but drudgery when we lose our sense of purpose and meaning. Through prayer, we’re reminded of our identity as baptized believers with a mission to spread the good news of God’s love.

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Embracing Change in Christ

It’s officially one month since we popped the champagne, toasted 2021 and wrote down a list of resolutions. This is usually the time when we start to take a good look in the mirror to assess what we have done with the first month of this brand-new year.

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Why WeShare is Perfect for your School

With Catholic Schools Week right around the corner, your faith community will have the opportunity to celebrate what makes your parochial school so great. Your parish school provides an excellent, well-rounded education with Jesus Christ at the center of it all.

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LPi & Greater Mission Form New Alliance to Strengthen Church Ministry

In the midst of a global pandemic, LPi and Greater Mission, LLC are proving that they are stronger than ever by forming a strategic alliance to build on the multiple ways they serve the Church and faith-based organizations.

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Give Until It Hurts

One of the characteristics of Everyday Stewardship is to be committed — to persevere daily in a way of life acknowledging that everything belongs to God. I know, I know. Easier said than done, right?

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Calm Me, Lord

A Tranquil Soul

The tranquil soul is one free of the anxieties described by St. Paul and the unclean spirits described in the Gospel. But this tranquility of soul is not a cheap quality; it must be earned through daily disciplines of prayer, fasting, and repentance.

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