Why Your Parish NEEDS an Email Marketing Platform

April 30, 2020  •   LPi

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Parishes today have a lot to communicate to members, reminders for upcoming events, reflections from the pastor, calls for volunteering from the social justice committee, and more. In an ideal world, it would be great to personally reach out to every parishioner. But with limited staff and even more limited time, it’s just not possible. However, there is a way that parishes can utilize technology and reach hundreds, even thousands of parishioners using a mass marketing platform with a custom message.

Email platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact make it easy for parishes to import parishioner data into their systems. In addition to email, you can add name (formal and informal) and address, and choose specific salutations based on your audience.

Think an email marketing platform would work for your parish? Check out some points below to help make the case!

It’s Customizable

Once you pick a plan and import your contacts, you can go in and start creating your email template. Most, if not all, platforms will have ready-made templates from which to choose, as well as generic stock images that might work for your specific message. However, they also give you the option of adding your own images/artwork if that is something you’d prefer.

Perhaps you’re gearing up for your annual capital campaign or want to inform parishioners about the upcoming fish fry schedule during Lent. Feel free to slip in other images that really showcase your vibrant faith community. Just make sure your images are sized correctly so you don’t end up with pixilated, stretched out or overall unflattering photos.

It Tells You Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know, & More!

When you send out an email from your usual account, it’s difficult to know what ends up happening to it after you press send. Did the recipient open it? Did they download an attached file? Click on a link? Forward it to a friend? All these things are helpful to know when sending out email from the parish, which is another reason why email marketing platforms just make sense.

One of the main benefits of having so much data is being able to tell whether your hard work is really paying off. If your pastor spends an hour a week writing an email to the congregation, and the parish administrator spends an hour setting up the email and sending it out, but only 17 of 500 parishioners actually open the email, is it worth the time? Could the message be better received through social media, in the bulletin, or read before Mass?

It Tells You Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know, & More!

Parishes move at a slow pace, but it’s not always because of an unwillingness to try new things. Most times, it’s having no time to make changes or limited time to figure out what changes should be made. That is one reason why LPi offers their WeShare Engagement Campaign. Whether you are a parish of 1,500 families or 200 families, we understand how important it is to reach out to your parishioners for a variety of reasons.

Our 360° marketing support for parishes looking to grow their online giving donors includes seasonal emails and postcard messages to parishioners on a quarterly basis. The best part? It’s FREE! All we need from parishes are their parishioners’ email and address information. This is all it takes to have the opportunity to double your donors and triple your online donations!

For a comprehensive list of email platforms available on the market today, see our blog The Best Email Automation for Your Vibrant Parish.

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